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This Baby Yoda Made of 1,317 Post-It Notes Will Make You Happy

See this giant Baby Yoda poster made of 1,317 Post-It Notes. Some jobs give you free coffee. Some jobs give you free soda. Some jobs give you a giant Baby Yoda mural made of Post-It Notes.

Recently the folks at the UK company "Viking Direct" sent us this fun project. Their employees voted and made a giant poster of Baby Yoda from colored sticky notes. It's amazing and adorable.

Here's the press release which gives more details on how long it took and how it affected the employees.

Employees Build 1,317 Post-it Note Tribute to Baby Yoda  

  • A team of 12 spent 7.5 hours creating a Baby Yoda mural on their office wall. 
  • Using stop-motion photography and video, the finished animated piece shows Baby Yoda drinking from his cup. 
  • If you laid all the 1,317 post-it notes used side by side, they’d be taller than the Statue of Liberty. 

Inspired by the upcoming release of The Mandalorian and the latest Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, employees at office-suppliers Viking decided to get creative at work and pay tribute to one of the franchise’s most talked-about characters, Baby Yoda.

After a survey, they previously carried out found that 50% of workers said art had a noticeable effect on reducing their stress levels, and over half (53%) said having art displayed in the office made them feel happier at work, Viking allowed workers to utilise their spare wall space to produce their own fan art.

Planned, designed, developed and built by a group of the company’s most dedicated Star Wars fans, the 99x93 inch tribute took the form of a Baby Yoda wall mural made up purely of Post-it Notes.

Once the initial image was in place, the team made slight changes to the design in order to create an animated GIF which brings Baby Yoda to life. The finished GIF shows Baby Yoda taking a sip from his cup – an image that has become famous across the internet.

The office wall mural took a team of 12 a total of 7.5 hours to complete, with office workers dipping in and out of the build when they had spare time throughout the day. The initial build used 1,023 post-it notes and took 4.5 hours to complete, with an additional 3 hours and a further 294 post-it notes then being used to animate the design. Overall, the combined man-hours on the project equate to 20 hours.

If you laid all the 1,317 post-it notes used for the build side by side, they would stack up to 329 feet – taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Bob Huibers, Marketing Executive at Viking, said of the completed mural: "Our office is full of Star Wars fans, so what better way for us to pay tribute to the saga than with office supplies?

"We encourage creativity within all our teams and, with Post-it Notes and wall space in abundance in our office, we thought the Baby Yoda mural was a great way to bring the whole office together and motivate staff.

"It was fantastic to see so many people from different departments getting involved in the build, and the finished mural definitely brightened up everyone’s working day."

"Baby Yoda" is the nickname given to the alien child featured in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian.

Further details of Viking’s Baby Yoda wall mural can be found on their blog or jump on the hashtag #VikingBabyYoda.

You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

I can't think of a better use for Post-It notes. Can you? I have spoken.

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