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Matt Reeves' THE BATMAN Begins Production and Confirms Cast

Find out what the director recently shared about The Batman (2021). Matt Reeves has released an image on his personal Twitter account titled "Day one. The Batman" and adding his director of photography Greig Fraser known for Dune (2020), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012).
The photo of a film slate labeled "The Batman" and showing a shoot of scene seventeen take one. It's not uncommon to shoot scenes out of order so presumably they decided to film this scene first. Movies are shot out of order for many reasons including location and cast availability.

The logo shown on the slate may or not be the actual movie logo. It does look like ornate lettering but that may just be an affectation or a concept of what they'd like to see. Many times they don't even have the real name of the movie on the clapperboard. So it might not be real. In fact the slate looks surprisingly clean and the lettering very well-written so it might not even be a real film slate from the production. We'll see.

The film began pre-production in London several weeks ago and several behind-the-scenes images have been leaked.

After it was sent out the film's co-writer Mattson Tomlin retweeted the picture. He added the caption, "You guys have no idea what kind of awesome you're in for."

Jeffrey Wright, who plays James Gordon, also commented, retweeting the pic and writing "Shine the light".

Wright is playing Gordon taking over the role from J.K. Simmons and is the first black man to play the Gotham City police commissioner. The line is a reference to his using a searchlight in the shape of the Batman logo to call him for help.

Speaking of the cast with principal photography for The Batman officially underway Warner Bros revealed the main cast list and identified several cast members. This includes Robert Pattinson who's playing the billionaire Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego Batman.

Zoë Kravitz plays Selina Kyle / Catwoman. The skilled catburgler Catwoman first appeared in Batman #1 (1940) and was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. She's been a villain / love interest of the Dark Knight for decades. She was most recently played by Anne Hathaway for the movies.

Paul Dano plays Edward Nashton / The Riddler.  Also known as Edward Nigma or Edward Nygma first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (1948) and was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. The villain is a criminal mastermind who taunts the authorities with puzzles and riddles about his crimes. He was famously (or infamously) played by Jim Carrey in the movies.

Jeffrey Wright plays the GCPD’s James Gordon. Gordon first appears in Detective Comics #27 (1939) and is Batman's closest friend and ally. The movie is set up as a prequel meaning Wright will be playing Gordon but before he becomes the police commissioner. In Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Gordon is played by Gary Oldman.

John Turturro plays Gotham City crime boss Carmine Falcone. He made his debut in the four-part story 1987 "Batman: Year One" comic book arc created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson, appears in Batman Begins which is also set in the early years of Batman.

Peter Sarsgaard plays Gotham D.A. Gil Colson. There was speculation that he'd be playing district attorney Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. But he'll be a new character to the franchise.

Jayme Lawson plays grassroots mayoral candidate Bella Reál. Lawson's character is also an original one and hints that political intrigue may be part of the movie storyline.

Andy Serkis plays Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth. Serkis' character first appeared Batman #16 (1943) and is Bruce Wayne's friend, confidant, and assistant in crime-fighting. He was most recently played by Jeremy Irons.

Colin Farrell as criminal mastermind Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin. First appearing in Detective Comics #58 (1941) he's a mobster who sees himself as the "Gentleman of Crime". He often wears a monocle, top hat, and tuxedo while carrying one of his signature umbrellas. Penguin hasn't been seen in the movies since Danny Devito's performance for the Tim Burton film back in the 80s. While the comics often show him overweight to mimic the shape of real penguins several set photos show him in good shape.

Missing from the official announcement is Alex Ferns who plays Gotham City Commissioner Pete Savage and Con O'Neil who's character hasn't been named.

Warner Bros plans to create a shared universe of DC characters had a troubled start since the first set of films bombed. But since Wonder Woman there's been a resurgence of movies from the studio. Both Aquaman and Shazam! have been successful and well-reviewed. While Joaquin Phoenix's Joker isn't connected to the other movies it nabbed 11 Oscar nominations. So the future of the franchise looks bright.

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