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Awesome SHAZAM Star Zachary Levi Helps Suicidal Fan

Zachary Levi starred as the superhero Shazam! But it turns out the actor is super in real life.

Recently a fan known only as Salma tweeted to Zachary Levi, "I hate myself, I’m always sad, stressed and anxious.. but the problems is.. I don’t wanna be ok .. I don’t feel like I want to be happy. I don’t feel anything actually. Idk how to express myself rn but briefly.. I’m not okay and I DONT feel like I wanna be ok. Help?" [sic]

An actor as big as Zachary Levi would never take time to respond to such a random tweet right? Wrong. Not only did he respond but he gave some very good advice.

"Hey, Salma. I think you should be d**n proud of yourself for being vulnerable enough to reach out for help. That takes genuine courage, and, in my opinion, shows that you do want to care for yourself, deep down. 🙏 It’s also very normal to feel that way, you are not alone…

"There are a few great steps that you can take right now. The most immediate is to talk to a trusted friend or family member, [sic] and let them know how you’re feeling. We all have more love and support around us than we think. Particularly when depression is affecting our thoughts…

"And while friends and family can be amazing allies in our journey, going and speaking to a professional therapist is worth it’s [sic] weight in gold. 🙌 They have the training, expertise, wisdom, and objectivity to help walk you thru things that those close to us often simply cannot…

"There are also many personal things you can do that are so powerful in your journey of retaking your happiness, and they all come down to loving yourself. The pressures/chaos/noise of life are causing us, ALL of us, to be riddled with more and more fear/anxiety/stress/etc…

"And so, if we are to defeat the lies that depression and fear and anxiety whisper in our ears, we must do it thru the simple act of loving ourselves, and others, in the face of those very lies, which conspire to make us feel like we are failures, and unworthy of our lives…

"But let me be crystal clear, @salmabdin, you ARE worthy of living your life. It is YOURS. And, in my opinion, still the most miraculous thing about this whole crazy trip we call reality. You don’t have to be happy if you don’t want to. But if you do, you can. I believe in you. 🙏"

"Zac, thank you so much for this .. I really needed it," she said. "You’re such a great person and I’ll forever be grateful for.. your existence.. thank you for making me feel a little better about myself and I promise I’ll try my best to talk to friends and family about it."

Obviously, that small twitter exchange meant the world to her. He even took more time to provide encouragement and reassurance to her and all her friends. "It’s my absolute pleasure, darlin," Zachary Levi said. "Now, be nice to my friend Salma, aight. 😉 Be kind to her. And patient with her. She’s trying her best. And she’s gonna crush it. 💪"

He's not preachy or judgemental. He doesn't give random nonsense like "love yourself" or "make friends". Levi's friendly and personable tone is what makes it even better.

Levi is a pretty amazing guy on and off-camera. He first broke into the genre playing nerdy super-spy Chuck Bartowski in the television series Chuck back in 2007. Since then he played Thor's friend Fendral in Thor: The Dark World. If that isn't enough he joined the short-lived series Heroes Reborn as Luke Collins. Finally, in 2019 he played Shazam

Off-camera he says he tries to help people whenever and wherever he can. "I believe in incentivizing people," he once said. "If you can incentivize people in anything, whether it's in politics; in life; in spirituality; in business; just take care of folks. Incentivize them and all of a sudden it's amazing the difference that you'll see."

The unnamed sequel to Shazam! is scheduled to open April 1, 2022. Till then we can just bask in Zachary Levi's awesomeness.

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