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Top 10 Magnificent Comics This Week - #48

Find out the top 10 comics featuring ethnic characters or talent this week. Here are the most magnificent comic books this week in this week's new comic pull list.

1. Action Comics #1017

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Cover Artist: Klaus Janson
Partial Summary: "'Invisible War' part one! It's one of the biggest creator reunions in years as writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr. join forces for the first time since their blockbuster turns on Avengers... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
 Price: $3.99
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2. Avengers #27

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Ed McGuinness
Cover Artist: Ed McGuinness, Val Staples
Partial Summary: "STARBRAND REBORN, PART ONE: 'RIOT IN THE PRISON GALAXY' An epic space adventure takes the Avengers into an alien prison the size of a galaxy, where a mysterious new wielder of the all-powerful Starbrand has suddenly... " On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019 Price: $3.99
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3. Black Panther #18

Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates Artist: Chris Sprouse Cover Artist: Chris Sprouse Partial Summary: "THE INTERGALACTIC EMPIRE OF WAKANDA - TWO THOUSAND SEASONS Part 6 LEARN AT LAST HOW THE KING BECAME A SLAVE! For months, you’ve been waiting to find out how T’Challa went from the king of Wakanda to the slave... " On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019 Price: $3.99
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4. Detective Comics #1016

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artist: Tyler Kirkham, Doug Mahnke
Cover Artist: Doug Mahnke, David Baron
Partial Summary: "COLD DARK WORLD, FINALE: IN COLD BLOOD Defeating her now-estranged husband, Mr. Freeze, isn’t enough to sate Nora Fries’s bloodlust as she usurps his frozen throne, establishing herself as the first ice queen... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $3.99
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5. The Flash #83

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Rafa Sandoval
Cover Artist: Rafa Sandoval
Partial Summary: "'Rogues' Reign' continues! The warped world of the Rogues has turned everything surrounding Iron Heights prison into a wicked hellscape! But there is hope in the darkness, as the Flash battles his way back... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $3.99
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6. Ironheart #12

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Eve L. Ewing
Artist: Luciano Vecchio
Cover Artist: Luciano Vecchio
Partial Summary: "Ironheart’s Wakanda adventure comes to a shocking conclusion. With allies Shuri, Silhouette and Okoye by her side, Riri Williams faces her biggest challenger yet: her own past. And things will never be the same. "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
 Price: $3.99
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7. Star Trek: Picard - Countdown #1

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Mike Johnson, Kirsten Beyer
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Cover Artist: TBA
Partial Summary: "You've seen the trailer... now, witness the events leading to CBS All Access's Picard. Before he retired to his vineyard, Jean-Luc Picard was the most decorated admiral in Starfleet. Then one mission changed his... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $4.99
Buy Star Trek: Picard - Countdown 1& on IDW Publishing

8. Supergirl Annual #2

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Laura Braga
Cover Artist: Jonathan Glapion, Viktor Bogdanovic
Partial Summary: "What was Supergirl’s last day on Krypton like? Before her entire world came crumbling down, did she get to say goodbye to her loved ones? Tell the boy who sat next to her in science class her true feelings for him?... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $4.99
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9. The Terrifics #22

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artist: Stephen Segovia Cover
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Partial Summary: "The Terrifics have failed, and Bizarro has turned back the clock on Gateway City! With the twisted Man of Yesterday in control of time itself, the Terrifics must battle their way back from the dawn of human history to survive!... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $3.99
Buy The Terrifics 22& on Comixology

10. Venom #20

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Iban Coello, Jose Carlos Silva
Cover Artist: Kyle Hotz
Partial Summary: "It’s the final tie-in to ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, but that doesn’t mean superstars Donny Cates and Iban Coello are easing up off the gas! You want to know what happens in this one, True Believers? You're going... "
On Sale: Nov 27th, 2019
Price: $3.99
Buy Venom 20& on Comixology

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