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STAR WARS: RISE OF SKYWALKER Final Trailer: Everything You May Have Missed

Read on to find everything you may not have noticed in the last trailer for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.

Last night during the halftime of Monday Night Football Disney released the "final" trailer for the movie. While there will doubtless be dozens of commercials and clips in the next few months this is apparently the last theatrical trailer for the last movie in the Star Wars trilogy.

From daggers to droids here are a few things you may not have noticed in the new Star Wars movie trailer.

Warning: Possible Spoilers

1. Ruins of the Death Star

The trailer starts with Rey (Daisy Ridley) running through a jungle planet. Many assume it's Endor but a Monopoly game reveals it's a new planet named Ajan Kloss. She drops a helmet with a blast shield. Perhaps from training like Luke had done in A New Hope.

But the next set of shots are from the ruined interior of the Death Star. We can recognize the reactor tubes from the movie. Seeing her jumping around reminds us of her days as a scavenger on Jakku.

2. Finn's New Hair

Ever since the first movie, Finn has had a fairly simple hairstyle. It's a close cut natural curl. But the new movie shows he has short corn rolls. Is this a spoiler or some big plot point? Maybe. But it looks cool.

3. "Long Have I Waited"

This line implies that Palpatine is not newly resurrected. Emporer Palpatine was seemingly killed in 34 ABY during the Battle of Endor. Rise of Skywalker takes place thirty years after the Battle of Endor. If Palpatine had survived his fall in the Death Star's reactor shaft it wouldn't be the first time a character survived certain death. Solo: A Star Wars Story established that Maul survived being cut in half and thrown down a reactor chamber.

But besides the chamber, Palpatine was supposedly on the Death Star when it was destroyed. So either he got off the space station before the explosion or he managed to survive the obliteration. This line means he must have survived somehow and waited decades while the First Order and the Rebellion fought each other. All the while waiting for the perfect moment to return.

Back in Force Awakens, we hear the Emperor's voice in Rey's Force vision. He says "Any Jedi". The full line was to Anakin when he said, "Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin. Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any Jedi. Learn to use the Dark Side of the Force and you will be able to save your wife from certain death."

He must have used this power to cheat death.

4. Emperor's Throne

In one brief moment, we see Rey standing in the ruins of the Emperor's throne room on the Death Star with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). io9 has an amazing break-down of what happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens based on novels, comics, and games.

The TL;DR (Too Long Didn't Read) version is that the Dark Sith Lord was obsessed with the unexplored regions of space beyond the outer rim. He believed they were the source of the Force and collected artifacts, used observatories, and a Star Destroyer to explore that unknown region. He seemingly died before he could use that knowledge.

He found a way to come back from the dead. Not just as a Force Ghost since ghosts don't need thrones. Palpatine is back.

5. Kylo's Temptation

On the ruins of the Death Star Rey and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) face off. Rey says "People keep telling me they know me...no one does." Kylo says, "But I do".

In The Last Jedi, there was a complicated relationship with Kylo and Rey. One the one hand Rey hates Kylo. After all, he killed Han Solo, who had become like a father to her. Plus, he tortured and tried to kill her.

On the other hand, they shared a Force connection that kept them connected. Co-writer Chris Terrio told Empire Magazine. "We've tried to pick up that complicated relationship that really has been present ever since the interrogation in Episode VII." He says there's a "nakedness" of him that he doesn't express to anyone else.

At the end of TLJ, Kylo tried to tempt her to the Dark Side.

6. Ackbar's Son

Admiral Gial Ackar died fighting the First Order in The Last Jedi. But in a blink-and-you-missed-it, we see his son Aftab along with the Resistance fighters.

He was first mentioned in the 2019 junior novel Spark of the Resistance. He appears in Marvel's Journey To Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - Allegiance #2.

7. "Your Undoing"

The Emperor says "Long have I waited and now you're coming together is your undoing". We don't know exactly who he's talking to but we know he's wrong.

This isn't the first time he's tried to point out the weakness in his enemies. When he faced Luke he said his weakness was "his faith in his friends". But he was wrong. That unity is what gave Luke the strength to win and the Rebel fleet's strength to defeat the Empire. So he's wrong. The coming together is what will defeat him.

8. "One Last Look"

We see the Droidsmith Babu Frik, the newest alien. He's an Anzellan who "can reprogram or modify virtually any droid—regardless of the security measures protecting its systems." He's rewiring C-3PO.

Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) says "What, uh...what are you doing there, 3PO?" C-3PO replies "Taking one last look, sir....at my friends." The result of that rewiring was seen in the D-23 Sizzle reel where C-3PO has uncharacteristically red eyes.

This line could mean a lot of things but it's noteworthy that C-3PO is one of the oldest characters in Star Wars. He was first rebuilt by Anakin Skywalker in the Tatooinian city of Mos Espa. After the Clone Wars, his memory was erased. That's why he didn't recognize anyone from his time before the first movie. It's possible that there's information they need C-3PO lost after his memory wipe. He may have volunteered to have his memory restored which means he wouldn't recognize anyone since before that time. It might be irreversible meaning he would never again remember them. They would stop being his friends and would become strangers.

There are many rumors of C-3PO's role in the new trilogy. He hasn't done much but Anthony Daniels, the actor who's played C-3PO from the beginning, says he's "front and center" in the new movie. One rumor says that they need C-3PO to translate an ancient Sith blade.

Either way, it's sad but not unexpected. Anthony Daniels is 76-years old. He's been playing the character for over forty years. It's time to retire. He posted an emotional farewell after filming.

Sad. C-3PO isn't known for being emotional but he feels he's losing his friends.

9. Dagger of Mortis

While everyone was looking at that weird statue of Darth Vader (notice the mask) being shattered by Rey and Kylo they missed one point. Kylo is using a lightsaber, but Rey has a dagger. Where did it come from? It's possibly the Sith blade mentioned before. But it could also be The Mortis Dagger.

Back in Star Wars: The Clone Wars the show did a three-episode arc where Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Tano were trapped in a mysterious realm known as Mortis. These three people called simply Father, Son and the Daughter kept the Force in balance. While Daughter and Father were mostly chill the Son was aligned with the Dark Side and tried to use his dagger to kill Ahsoka. Father killed himself with the blade effectively ending Son's immortality.

The Dagger can remove immortality from beings and she may be using it to kill Palpatine.

10. "Good People Will Fight If We Lead Them"

Poe says, "We're not alone....good people will fight if we lead them." He's always been the moral compass of the rebellion.

He fought them every time the Rebellion was making a questionable moral decision including the one that got him slapped and demoted. He believes in the cause and belives others will fight as well. This leads to the biggest space battle in Star Wars history as hundreds of ships join together to fight.

It looks like every ship in the Star Wars universe or every type of ship is here. Including a surprise.

11. Ghost from Star Wars Rebels

During one scene in the trailer, there's a host of Rebellion ships lined up for battle. One of the ships is the "Ghost".

In the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, set before A New Hope the VCX-100 light freighter named "Ghost" was the starship and home base of the Lothal rebels.

While there haven't been too many references to the show in previous movies Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had two of them. In one scene the Ghost is shown as part of the Rebel fleet. In another, the captain of the ship, General Hera Syndulla, is called over the Rebel base's loudspeaker.

12. "The Force Will Be With You...Always"

Someone, presumably Rey, hears Luke Skywalker's voice say "The Force will be with you" followed by Leia saying "always". This was Obi-Wan's last words to Luke before facing Darth Vader. It's also what he said to Luke after he destroyed the Death Star. The words are powerful. They mean hope and life.

It's possible these are the words of Luke and Leia as Force Ghosts. If so it explains how Luke could come back. He sacrificed himself to save the Rebellion in The Last Jedi but it makes sense he would have learned the technique of surviving death from Yoda. If Leia has returned she must have learned the method from her brother Luke.

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What do you think of the final trailer? Are you looking forward to the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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