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Review: Detective Comics #1013 (2019) Introduces Bat-Fireman and Mr. Freeze's Evil Plan

Detective Comics #1013 comic panel by Jaime Mendoza
Read this review to find out if Detective Comics #1013 is worth buying. If you want to avoid spoilers for this comic then skip to the overall section at the end.

About Detective Comics #1013

  • Written by Peter J. Tomasi
  • Artwork by Jaime Mendoza
  • Inking by Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy
  • Color by David Baron
  • Synopsis: "Mr. Freeze is so close to reviving Nora but Batman can’t let it happen. Mr. Freeze has never been more vicious or more deadly. There’s nothing more dangerous than a desperate man with a cold gun and Gotham City is going to learn that firsthand!"
  • On Sale Date: October 09, 2019
  • U.S. Price: $3.99

Warning: Spoilers for Detective Comics #1013

Recap: Detective Comics #1013

This issue picks up after Detective Comics #1012 last month. To recap Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze is working to cure his cryogenically frozen wife Nora Fries. Since he's a good scientist he's testing the process. Freeze had his men kidnap several women. Batman caught up with some of his goons and ambushed them.

The issue opens with Batman hanging a guy over the edge of a building to sweat him for information. Batman's greatest weapon is fear and it's in full force. He hangs a guy over the edge and shows him what happened to his friend. The guy spills his guts and then it's revealed that guy on the ground was actually his butler Alfred Pennyworth in makeup. Very clever.

Meanwhile, Mr. Freeeze is getting ready to test his formula and we see the gruesome remains of women who didn't survive the process. Victor tries to call his men and, just then Batman bursts in the door dressed in a very impressive "Bat-Fireman" suit. Always be prepared.
Just when they're about to fight Mr. Freeze admits all the women have been drinking water laced with Nora's DNA. It's a great indication of how forward-thinking he is but sounds scientifically impossible but what do I know. 

 Anyway, he's not letting the women go since he can't replace them. He escapes on his snowmobile and Batman is not far behind.

As Batman gains on him, Mr. Freeze releases a depth charge that quick-freezes the caped crusader into a human iceberg. It's the kind of this they used to do on the old 1960s show so I don't have a problem with it. Seeing Bruce frozen is a chilling moment.

 Batman escapes thanks to his suit's heater and he takes the women back to the Batcave. There's a funny moment when he tells Alfred to wear a mask and he comes back with Flash's cowl. "The entire Batcave, and that's the best mask you could find?" he quips and Alfred just grunts.

Back at Gotham Pine Barriers Victor is waking up his wife. There's a wonderful tense moment before she suddenly bolts upright and screams "Victor, don't!"

Were these her last words or does she know something Victor doesn't? We'll find out next issue. 

Overall: Buy Detective Comics #1013

This is a great comic and showcases why Mr. Freeze is a great villain. He's cold, calculating and fiercely determined. Unfortunately, his motivation falls back on his wife Nora. Mr. Freeze has been around since 1959. The tragedy of his wife was first introduced in the 90s animated series and has since been done-to-death. I'd rather see him working on world-domination or some other plan. But this one works.

Peter Tomasi writes a wonderfully tense issue and there are powerful moments and great dialogue. The art is fantastic. James Mendoza took over from John Romita Jr. the last issue and really hit his stride. The artwork is detailed and inventive with several splash pages that explode from the page. David Baron's coloring is good and he has a wide palette. The inking team of Keith Champagne, Christian Alamy do a good job on the lines and helps make the color pop with strong black space.

This is a great issue and worth keeping as Tomasi winds up his story arc.

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Author - Maurice Mitchell 

Maurice Mitchell has been a passionate science-fiction fan of movies, television, books, and comics since age five. He and his twin brother Nigel created the site "The Geek Twins" to share that passion. Maurice has written and created infographics for sites like The Geek Twins and About.com. His work has been featured on sites like Business Insider, io9 Slashfilm and more. 

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