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Review: Detective Comics #1011 Turns Batman into PREDATOR

Detective Comics #1011 comic panel by Christian Duce

Find out if Detective Comics #1011 is worth buying. Peter Tomasi proves Batman is a hero even without powers or gadgets in the final issue of his three-issue arc.

Read this review to find out if Detective Comics #1011 is worth buying. If you want to avoid spoilers for this comic then skip to the overall section at the end.

Warning: Spoilers for Detective Comics #1011

When we last left Bruce Wayne, he and several members of Bruce Wayne's company have been stranded on a desert island along with Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. Deadshot has been hired to kill one of them and Batman is going to stop him. In the last issue, he meets two World War II survivors named only Clarence and Hiroshi who started as enemies being on both sides of the war. But over time they've become friends in their isolated world. Bruce takes some of their stuff to fashion a crude Batman costume and goes out to fight Lawton.

When the issue begins the three are working to set up a trap for Deadshot. The two WWII soldiers banter and bicker throughout and it's fun to read. After the setup, Bruce covers himself in mud to disguise himself. I think someone's been watching Predator?

He looks pretty much the same to me, but I think the intention was to have a thick layer of mud cover him. So maybe artist Christian Duce misunderstood. People mock Superman for wearing glasses, so I'm mocking Batman for mud. So there. It doesn't matter since he wears the "Not-Batman" getup covering his face anyway.

Deadshot shoots a monkey, apparently to warn them he can shoot monkeys? Not sure, but then a huge plane comes flying out of the brush and knocks Lawton right on his butt.  Just like Predator's Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), he uses what's available in the jungle to take out a more powerful enemy. Lawton's reaction is hilarious and I love how they play around with the deadly assassin's snarky personality.

"Not Batman" frees the hostages and assures Lucius Fox that Alfred can track them with a transponder and is getting help.

Meanwhile, Bruce returns to find out Deadshot has shot Hiroshi and he's bleeding. The two old guys tell him to leave them to get Deadshot. I feel a pang as I think of poor Hiro dying like this. I'm surprised how invested I am in characters we only met one issue before, but Tomasi and Duce have really made some likable old dudes in this arc.

Lawton decides to go on the offensive and starts collecting stuff to kill the "jungle fighters". He feels he's in his element so the showdown is getting close. He calls out to "Not-Batman" and, after throwing away his gun-gauntlet, the fight is on.

The fight takes up most of the issue with the two sparrings in the underbrush. Deadshot uses a vine to try and choke out Bruce. All the while he's taunting "Not-Batman" with one-liners.

But "Not-Batman" manages to break free and KO's Deadshot with an epic undercut. I'm not sure how much strength it takes to lift a grown man off the ground with a single punch but clearly, Wayne has been eating his "Wheaties". Bruce doesn't use a Batarang or Bat-Shark Repellant but he still takes out Deadshot.

The next morning the military arrives, rescues them all and takes Deadshot into custody. No one bothers to ask why a guy dressed like Batman would end up on the same isolated island as Bruce Wayne. They also don't ask where Bruce was the whole time "Not-Batman" was fighting Deadshot. What a coinkidink!

But what about Clarence and Hiroshi? They decide since they lived most of their lives on the island so they want to stay.

Batman says he won't give away their secret. But he does drop some care packages for them and an extra communicator. While Batman is usually shown and scowling it's nice to see him smile every once in a while. You really feel the affection he's developed for these two old men.

One box has books and it's cool to see what kind of books Batman would think two people cut off from civilization should read. Books like Catch 22, 1984, History of the 20th Century, The Bridge and the Japanese novel Kokoro. 

The book ends with a prologue about Mr. Freeze's plan for his wife Nora. We still don't know what it is. But apparently, it involves hiring guys to get "targets".

Overall: Buy Detective Comics #1011

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Because the character setup is done and there's actually fighting in it this issue moves a lot better than the last one. This comic is still full of talking heads, but at least the action makes up for the loss. It's a good finale to a well-done arc. Tomasi creates compelling and interesting characters and they react realistically. The plot moves along although it's a bit thin. The whole book just follows Batman getting ready to fight Deadshot. Not much to write about.

The artwork by Christian Duce is good and has lots of wonderful detail. The faces and expressions line up well and the layouts are inventive without being distracting. Duce's inking is well-done and has crisp lines. David Baron's use of color is vibrant even though most of the issue is set at night. He chooses to highlight the bright moon and firelight and it's admirable.

It's a well-done issue with good art and fun characters. Some might wish for more action, but it delivers enough to satisfy.

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About Detective Comics #1011

  • Written by Peter J. Tomasi
  • Artwork by Christian Duce
  • Inking by Christian Duce
  • Color by David Baron
  • Synopsis: In order to carry out his contract and get what he’s owed, Deadshot must kill Lucius Fox.  Batman isn’t about to let that happen, but without the use of lethal force, does he stand a chance against Deadshot?...
  • On Sale Date: September 11, 2019
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
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