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10 STAR WARS Movie Questions the OBI-WAN TV Show Should Answer

Read on to find out all the amazing stories the Kenobi TV show should tell. For years there were rumors that Ewan McGregor was going to star in a Kenobi solo movie. Recently it was revealed that the 48-year-old Scottish actor is reprising his role as the Jedi master. Cinelinx first broke the story and Variety later confirmed it.

Details about the series are being kept under wraps but the series will air on the Disney streaming subscription service Disney+. As if you needed another reason to sign up. The show is rumored to follow Kenobi's adventures in between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope of the Star Wars movies. Considering Obi-Wan dies in A New Hope it's a safe bet.

Some have suggested a show about an old hermit living on a sand planet isn't very interesting but there are plenty of amazing stories the series could tell. Here are some story ideas that have originated in the books, comics and television series inspired by the movies.

1. When Did Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi Meet?

A big part of the series should be the clandestine help he provides young Skywalker. Revenge of the Sith established he moved to Tatooine after Luke and Leia were born. In the first Star Wars movie,  Luke goes to see "Old Ben" Kenobi. It's obvious the two know each other in some way but is this really the first time they've met? No.

The first reference to their first meeting shows up in the online Star Wars comic Webtoons Ch. #1 by Huc Jac Ga. The comic shows the rebellious Luke gets stuck in a raging sandstorm. In the blowing sand, he hears the cry of a Krayt dragon.

Before the beast can attack him a lightsaber flashes out of the clouds of sand and the creature's head lies on the ground. It's the first canon meeting between Obi-Wan and Luke.

Obi-Wan gets Luke home safely, but Owen tells him to go away and never come back. It's the beginning of the fractured relationship between the two and this whole incident would make an amazing episode.

2. When Did Obi-Wan Kenobi Write a Journal?

In the Marvel Star Wars comics, there's a 2015 storyline of Luke finding journals from Obi-Wan Kenobi. They tell about his 19 years living as a hermit on the desert planet of Tatooine. He spends some of his time in various adventures and watching over Luke.

The journals of Ben Kenobi were first introduced in the 2015 comic Star Wars #6 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. They were later expanded into several other issues of the series.

The journal should make a regular appearance and maybe the starting point for the series. Either way, there should be at least one episode focusing on the realization that he might not have the opportunity to tell his story to Luke himself. That he needed to write the journal in the event he dies. That kind of heart-wrenching realization would make for great drama.

3. Why Did Jabba the Hutt Hate Luke?

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) - Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)
In Return of the Jedi, we meet the slimy crime boss Jabba the Hutt. It’s Luke’s first time meeting him. But Jabba is very familiar with Luke and his family. Jabba seems to take great delight in taunting Luke and enslaving his sister. Why? Because Obi-Wan had messed with his business to protect Luke’s family.

In Star Wars #7 (2015) by Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchiit, it’s revealed that Obi-Wan has been thwarting his men. The crime lord's men were extorting a "Water Tax" from the poor moisture farmers during the Great Drought.

Kenobi used his Jedi powers to cause the thugs' firearms to misfire so that wouldn't hurt the people in the village. Then, in the cover of darkness, he tossed them like a Caesar salad.

Jabba's men never bothered the moisture farmers again and Jabba was left with a deep-seated hatred of the Skywalker family and the old hermit who attacked his men.

4. Why Did Uncle Owen Hate Obi-Wan?

A while episode should be devoted to how much Owen Lars hates Obi-Wan. In Episode IV there’s only a hint of it. When Luke mentions Old Ben Uncle Owen looks at his wife Lars before denies knowing him. He blurts out "That old man's just a crazy old wizard" before changing the subject. you can see Uncle Owen hates Kenobi. But why? He helped save his niece and nephew. Why would he refuse to let Kenobi into Luke's life?

In the Marvel comic book Star Wars #15 (2015) by Jason Aaron and Mike Mayhew, they explain why Owen hates Kenobi. While living on Tatooine he became a bodyguard for hire. He helps protect the Owen confronts Obi-Wan and admits that he blames him for the death of his half-brother Anakin.

During the 19 years the two live on Tatooine there should be a number of clashes between them. By the time of New Hope Ben has already given up trying to reach out to Luke. There needs to be one episode that focuses on the argument that finally drives Obi-Wan away for good.

5. Did Obi-Wan Fight Bounty Hunters?

Darth Vader, the evilest man in the galaxy knows his old mentor is alive somewhere. Jabba the Hutt, the most powerful gangster in the galaxy, hates him too. It would make sense that he'd put a bounty on Obi-Wan's head. This means dozens of mercenaries and bounty hunters would have been gunning for Obi-Wan. That played out in the comic books.

In Star Wars # 19 Jabba’s furious with Obi-Wan and hires a bounty hunter to take him down. Everyone knows you don’t mess with a Wookie. Chewbacca regularly tore arms off people and the battle on Kashyyyk in Attack of the Clones showed how formidable a Wookie army is. That's exactly why Jabba hires a Wookie to kill Kenobi. In Star Wars #20 a disgraced Wookie bounty hunter named Black Krrsantan tries to kill him.

He fails but it leads to an epic battle of brains versus brawn. This would make a great two-part episode.

7. How Did Obi-Wan Learn to Become a Force Ghost?

Force ghosts are a big part of the Star Wars mythos. A Jedi can learn how to retain their consciousness within the Force after they die and even communicate with the living. Obi-Wan uses the technique to help Luke after Darth Vader kills him. But how did he learn the technique? And how Yoda learn it?

According to canon history, the first person to learn the trick is the Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn. After he's killed by Darth Maul he's only able to speak. He talks to Anakin after he kills the Tusken Raiders who killed his mother ("No Anakin! No!") in Attack of the Clones. But he soon learns to do much more than that. 

In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon speak often. The Kenobi TV series should help to fill in the gaps and explain their relationship and the lessons Kenobi learned from his former master.

8. What Ever Happened to Darth Maul?

In The Phantom Menace, we're first introduced to Palpatine's evil Sith apprentice Darth Maul (Ray Park). In a fight with Kenobi, he's cut in half and dropped down a shaft. It's assumed he's dead because who would survive that?

But it's established in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series he survived and was outfitted with robot legs. Then, in Solo: A Star Wars Story it's confirmed that he's alive in the movies too. But by the time of A New Hope he's gone. So what happened to him?

In the Star Wars: Rebels series, Obi-Wan fights him a few times and gets another chance to kill him. In the episode "Twin Suns" the two face off and Obi-Wan kills Maul for good.

So why should this be in the show? First, it would just be awesome to have Maul show up and fight Kenobi again. But at some point, he's going to kill Maul and that's something worth seeing.

9. How Did Luke Get A New Lightsaber?

In the first Star Wars movie, he gets Anakin's old lightsaber. He loses it when he gets his hand cut off in Empire Strikes Back. But in Return of the Jedi, he has a new one. How did he get the parts for it and who would have taught him how to build one?

When we see Ben Kenobi's hut on Tatooine in A New Hope it's filled with junk and relics. In the Star Wars comics, it establishes that he uses the parts to trade with the Jawas. But they never say where he got them from. In Return of the Jedi Darth Vader praises him for building a new lightsaber.

In a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi Luke is shown building a new lightsaber in a cave on Tatooine. The Kenobi series could explain how Kenobi spent time collecting the parts Luke would need to build a new lightsaber. Maybe all the parts came from trading but maybe some took a little more persuasion. The show could also show Obi-Wan writing notes to build a more elegant weapon from a simpler time.

10. Obi-Wan Saving Luke

One of the great things about the Star Wars comics is they explain how he was helping Luke. In Revenge of the Sith, he told Yoda he would "look after the boy". In A New Hope Luke didn't know  Ben well enough to think of him when Leia was looking for him. He also didn't know Kenobi was a Jedi. But Kenobi definitely knew Luke and came to help save him from Sand People. Coincidence? No way.

The comic explains that Obi-Wan used his Force senses to keep track of Luke and save him on numerous occasions. The comics show Kenobi getting parts for Luke's T-16 Skyhopper to saving his family from Sand People. So while Luke didn't know Ben was a Jedi, he still kept him safe. The series needs to show Ben's watchful eye on the family.

There are a ton of questions the Disney+ series could answer and it'll be a great way to expand the movies and fill in the gaps.

What stories would like to see in the Ob-Wan Kenobi series? Let us know in the comments below!
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