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Would You Rather: Have Knowledge To Change Your Past or Your Future?

It's back! It's Would You Rather, the game where we ask you to make the tough choices. Today, we'll be asking you to pick knowledge of your past or your future.


Would you rather have the knowledge that could change your past or your future?


You are a test subject for human experimentation at Wood University, and the lead scientist Professor Rather gives you a tough choice. The scientists have developed a form of time travel, but the twist is that it doesn't transport your body through time, but your mind. They can send your current mind into your body when you were ten years younger or transfer your mind from ten years into the future into your current body. Which would you choose?


  • If you choose to switch minds with your past self, you will be transported to the date of your birthday ten years ago. You'll have all your memories, knowledge, and your personality of your current self.
  • If you choose to switch minds with your future self, the mind of yourself from your birthday ten years from now will replace your current mind. You'll have all your memories, knowledge, and your personality of your future self.
  • Once the switch is made, it is permanent. Your original mind in the past or future will cease to exist, and your life will continue from there.
  • The time travel will create an alternate reality, so the choices you make from then on won't cause any paradoxes and end the universe, just make a new past or future that you can change.
  • You can't do both.

Wood U's Rather asks, "Which do you choose?"

Make your choice below or on Twitter!

Would you rather have knowledge of your past or knowledge of your future?

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Explain why you made your choice in the comments!

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