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"Aquaman" is Already a Hit, Even Before Its US Release

Some people wondered in advance of the release of Aquaman whether it would be a success. Would it fall into the disappointing pit of other DCEU releases like Justice League or Suicide Squad? Or would it achieve critical and commercial success like Wonder Woman?

While those in the US have been eagerly awaiting the release on December 21 (unless you got to see the Amazon Prime early showing), Aquaman has been making the rounds in other countries, and it's been a shock. That's because it's already made back its budget and become a blockbuster, even without the United States.

How much has Aquaman made overseas? A staggering $261 million! That includes $189 million from China alone. It's estimated that the movie cost $160 million, so it's already making a profit, and it hasn't even gotten a boost from U.S. ticket sales yet.

In short, Aquaman is a smash hit, and it's just getting started.

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