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Suit Up : The Superheroes Guide to Hiding a Super Suit

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what universe you live in, anyone spotted wearing vibrant tights or heavy armor is going to draw attention to themselves. Although there are many style tips we can learn from superhero fashion, it is no mystery why these gifted individuals choose to hide their attire choices. From protecting their identity to not risking the lives of their families, most superheroes have chosen to keep their identities hidden from the moment they started defending against crime and forces of evil.

How do superheroes keep their identities secret? Is it just as easy as changing outfits? For some superheroes, yes, for others, not so much. From liquid-like symbiotes to lightening-fast outfit changes in phone booths, here are a few ways superheroes manage to hide their attire while ‘off-duty.’

Under Their Clothes/A Part of Their Clothes

For some superheroes, a change into their super attire is as simple as removing a jacket or shirt and darting into the face of crime. Other superheroes, like Superman in the old days, would rush into a phone booth to properly suit up. If you are lucky enough to be able to fit your super suit under your regular clothes, why not avoid the hassle of going home to change?

Superheroes with this ability were able to spring into action quickly, defend the city, and ultimately take control over situations before they got out of hand. Typically, these suits were more form fitted or the traditional, “tights” look. Peter Parker often wore his spider suit beneath his regular attire or carried the lightweight suit in his backpack. Skin tight super suits are easy to hide, comfortable to wear and make for a quick change on the go.

Some superheroes had their super suits hiding in plain sight. Unsurprisingly faster than others, The Flash, was able to change quickly into his super suit since it was located within his ring. Can you imagine the space you would save in your carry-on if your attire was kept within your ring?

An Out of This World Supersuit

From the dark humor to the conflicting battle between good and evil, there are many reasons why we love the character, Venom. Venom, the name of the alien symbiote bonded with the journalist Eddie Brock, has the appearance of a sleek and powerful black super suit Always willing to aid in quick decisions as well as crack a joke, partnering with Venom is like wearing your best friend, as strange as that sounds.

Superheroes like the Martian Manhunter, always have their super suit with them because of its incredibly useful shapeshifting abilities. Shapeshifting from human disguise and alias, Detective John Jones, the Martian Manhunter can be attire-ready at any minute. Sizing isn’t a problem when you can shapeshift your limbs and body at your command. 

Leave the Super Suit at Home     

What about superheroes that don’t have a super suit that’s easily transferable? For some superheroes, hiding their suit under their clothes would be nearly impossible. Not to mention, where would they put all of their necessary gadgets and inventions? For these superheroes, leaving the super suit at home is a requirement. 

It would be a huge inconvenience if Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, traveled in his Batsuit every day. Plus there’s no way all of his essential gear would fit into a backpack. This requires a superhero to think about closet space or to be like Batman and create a Batcave headquarters to store your super suit.

Tony Stark found himself creating multiple Iron Man armors to combat different scenarios. Keeping these super suits in his Hall of Armors allowed him to continue to make modifications as well as access them quickly when they were needed. Just like everyone else, superheroes like to have options as well.

Why Hide Your Supersuit? 

For some superheroes, hiding their super suit seems unnecessary and a waste of time. Why change if you like the way you look? Plus, no more laundry. Thor, God of thunder and protector of Asgard, finds it best to always be ready in your super suit. No matter if you’re protecting planet earth or fighting Hela, you’re always ready for anything with your super suit on and ready to go.

It’s not easy being green, but with sizing as a concern, The Hulk is often depicted wearing his popular purple ripped pants. With so many rules about color combinations these days, stick with one color you know works best for you. Not to mention, his purple ripped pants were probably comfortable and practical. Although he has recently been seen changing up his wardrobe, we can’t imagine finding a super suit for The Hulk is as easy as renting a suit or tuxedo.

Finally, if your super suit is actually worn by your alter ego, why hide it? Billy Batson discovered his superhero abilities in a superhero alter ego named Captain Marvel (known as Shazam) after speaking the magical word, “SHAZAM.” Not only was Billy gifted with the ability of superhuman strength, flight, and speed, but he is already clothed in his red and gold super suit when transforming into Captain Marvel.

Saving planet earth? Easy. Stopping the bad guys? No problem. Hiding your super suit? Now that’s going to be a little difficult. No matter what option works best for you, you’ll always be ready to quickly jump into action and save the day.

How would you hide your super suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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