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Shocker, "Firefly" Fans: Jewel Staite Hates Strawberries

If you're a fan of the TV show Firefly, you know the ship's engineer Kaylee loves strawberries. However, this has led to an awkward clash between fans of the show and the actress who played her.

The adorable Kaylee Frye was played by Jewel Staite, and her character's love of strawberries was established in the first episode. In the future world of Firefly, strawberries are a rare delicacy, and Shepherd gave the Firefly crew a box of strawberries to buy passage. Kaylee proved to be quite fond of them.

Don't remember? Oh, all right, here it is.

Ever since, fans have been giving Jewel Staite strawberries at public appearances because, well, look at her! She clearly loves them!

Here's the thing, though. She's an actor, people. An actor. She's not really an engineer, she wasn't really on a spaceship, and Jewel hates strawberries.

That's right, that wasn't a moment of genuine pure bliss captured on camera. It was one of the greatest feats of acting since Shakespeare's Hamlet.

And she's not having it. She'll tell you all day, every day not to give her strawberries. And don't come at her with your "just take the strawberries for your fans" crap.

So this is a public service announcement. If you really loved the show, don't give Jewel any more strawberries. She does love cheeseburgers, especially ones from Apple Pan in Los Angeles, so let's break out the BBQ instead.

What did you think of Firefly? Do you love strawberries?

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