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Avengers 4: Who is Gwyneth Paltrow's Rescue?

Find out about the superhero Gwyneth Paltrow may be playing in Avengers 4. Numerous leaks point to Pepper Potts, played by Paltrow, putting on armor and becoming the superhero known as Rescue in the next Avengers movie. But who is Rescue?

Paltrow has played Virginia "Pepper" Potts since Iron Man in 2008. Since then she's mainly been the damsel-in-distress but she did wear armor in Iron Man 3 when Tony put a suit of armor on her during the Malibu beach house attack. Plus, she saved Tony using the Extremis virus.

So what do we know about Rescue?

Warning: Possible Spoilers

What Are Pepper Potts' Powers as Rescue?

In the comics, Ezekiel Stane sets off a huge blast that leaves Pepper with a horrible chest wound. To help her Tony Stark uses a chest generator similar to the one he wore as Iron Man. It saves her life and sets the stage for her heroic transformation.

Later, during 2009's "World's Most Wanted" storyline, Pepper finds Tony's Mark 1616 "Search and Rescue" armor he had built for her. She uses the suit to bring Tony back from exile. Calling herself "Rescue" she recovers his memories and gives back the generator and armor. She hasn't appeared in the comics as Rescue since.

In the animated series Iron Man: Armored Adventures Tony makes her a suit of armor since she's such a great fighter.

Here are the Rescue suit's main capabilities based on the comics and animated series

  • Superhuman Strength: Like Tony's suit it increases Pepper's strength immensely.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thanks to a variety of tech the Rescue armor can move and fly at incredible speed.
  • Enhanced Durability: Also like Tony's suit it protects the user from harm.
  • Force Field: The Rescue armor can generate powerful force fields.
  • Flight: Using boot jets and the palm repulsors the armor can hover and fly at high speed.
  • Repulsors: Concentrated energy beams from the palms of the suit can blast anything.
  • Energy Bombs: Fired from the shoulders, these "laser grenades" can inflict a lot of damage.
  • Stealth Mode: The Rescue Armor has a stealth mode equipped inside it. It can turn invisible to the human eye and most scanners.
  • Comm Systems: Its communication systems allow it to talk to the user of the Armory computer terminal or another armor such as Iron Man or War Machine.
  • Voice Filter: Just like Tony's Iron Man armor it has a voice modulator.
  • Sensor Systems: It has advanced sensors to scan the surroundings.
  • Onboard Computer: Tony Stark always equips his armors with sentient computer systems to help the wearer. 
  • Holographic Screen: Presumably she'll have the same Heads-Up display Tony's armor has.

How Will Pepper Potts Appear As Rescue in the MCU?

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War Tony is stranded on Titan with Nebula without any functioning armor. So how can he come back to Earth? There's a popular fan theory that Pepper will save Tony as Rescue.

Her appearance in the movie was confirmed by leaked set photos and a photo sent by Jon Favreau who appears as "Happy" Hogan.

The actress also shared a photo of herself filming and a behind-the-scenes photo of herself on Instagram (now deleted) in a motion capture suit used for CGI.

Leaked photos of Avengers 4 toys show her in blue armor (which we can't share) and, finally, a leaked photo of her in a suit of armor also appeared online.

There are several possible theories for how Pepper gets the armor. First, Tony could have made her one along with the many he made before Iron Man 3. So he could have made he one too. He said he destroyed them all, but who knows?

Second, it could be one of Tony's old suits of armor. Although considering the two have completely different body types it's unlikely.

Third, Avengers 4 is reportedly going to include time travel and alternate realities so this could be an alternate reality version of her. A world where she gets a suit of armor.

We'll just have to wait and see.

How Many Movies Has Pepper Potts Been In?

Gweneth Paltrow first appeared in Iron Man (2008) as Stark's personal assistant. Since then she's appeared in four movies including Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4.

The relationship between the two was explored in the Iron Man films but the other movies suggested the two were going through a rough patch. In Avengers Tony explained her absence by saying she was busy running the company.  It was only in Spiderman: Homecoming that they confirmed the two were still together and in Infinity War it was revealed the two are engaged to be married.

We don't really know how, or even if, Pepper gets the armor in Avengers 4, but it would be awesome to get another female superhero in the MCU. It's expected that Robert Downey Jr. is going to retire from playing Iron Man and it would be a great chance for her to step in his shoes.

Although I'd love to see War Machine get more attention. Boom! You looking for this?

Are you looking forward to seeing Pepper suit up as Rescue? Let us know in the comments below!

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