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Margot Kidder Death: "Superman" Actress Dead at 69

Superman (1978) Superman / Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve), Lois Lane (Margot Kidder)

Margot Kidder, 69, the vivacious actress who played the fierce Lois Lane in Superman movies has died.

Kidder's rep, Camilla Fluxman Pines, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that she died Sunday, May 13, 2018, at her home in Livingston, Montana. She died in her sleep, but no cause of death has been announced.

Margot Kidder's best known as reporter Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve Superman films "Superman", "Superman II", "Superman III" and "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace". Director Richard Donner said it was love at first sight when she came in for her audition. "She was charming and very funny. When I met her in the casting office, she tripped coming in and I just fell in love with her. It was perfect, this clumsy [behavior]," Donner told THR in 2016.

While Kidder later clashed with actor Christopher Reeve, who died in 2004, on the movies because of artistic differences but she saw the relationship like a brother and sister. "It made it easier, because we could be really quite close and we could say anything – and did – to each other the way you can with a brother or sister,” she told WA Today in 2013.

Before Reeve's death, she said, "Chris was a friend of mine, I loved him.. I didn't see him for 18 months before he died, but I'd met him several times after the accident. What was remarkable was his personal growth in his interior life."

Margot Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which led to a very public episode in 1996 she described as "the most public freak-out in history."

She was working on her autobiography when her computer became infected with a virus. She lost three years of drafts. Kidder went to L.A. but they couldn't recover the files. The loss coupled with other issues led to her disappearing for four days. She was later found living on the streets of New York. "I was like one of those ladies you see talking to the space aliens on the street corner in New York," she later said.

After she had a highly publicized manic episode and a nervous breakdown in 1996 her career began to slide. But she became a fierce advocate for mental health. Later in life, she had a series of successful television appearances including the series "Smallville" alongside Reeve. She refused to make a final appearance after

Her last movie role was in last year's "The Neighborhood". Margot Kidder's last television work was in the children's television series "R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour". It won her an Emmy in 2015.  She also acted in theater including a Broadway performance in a 2002 production of "The Vagina Monologues".

Margaret Ruth Kidder was born October 17, 1948, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. She became a naturalized citizen in 2005.

Several celebrities have made statements about her death on Twitter.

Kidder leaves behind her daughter Maggie McGuane, 41.

It's a sad day for Superman fans and lovers of film everywhere as too many feminie icons are passing away.

Happy Trails Ms. Kidder. It's been "swell".

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