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James Gunn Hilariously Trolls Batman Fans With One Tweet

James Gunn is known as the writer and director of the hit and critically acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but he's also a huge nerd who has encyclopedic knowledge of comic books and culture. That's why Batman fans rose up in anger when he seemed to dismiss their beloved superhero.

In a brief interview with a TMZ reporter, Gunn said he would love to have Batman in one of his movies but added he would kill Batman easily by just throwing him off a roof. It was an idle but clearly controversial comment.

Of course, Batman fans began flooding him and the Internet in general with angry comments about how Batman jumps off roofs for a living, and has both grappling hooks and a cape that turns into wings so being thrown off a roof is no big deal for him.

Anyone else might have responded to the controversy by ignoring it or by issuing an apology for insulting the great hero. Instead, James Gunn doubled-down with an even more controversial and hilarious statement on Twitter:
[Via The Wrap]

Could Gunn kill Batman? Let us know in the comments!

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