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Paramount Confirms "A Quiet Place" Sequel and Two New "Star Trek" Movies

Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott (Simon Pegg), Jaylah (Sofia Boutella), Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine)
Paramount has confirmed that they're working on two upcoming "Star Trek" movies and a sequel to "A Quiet Place". According to The Hollywood Reporter Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos teased the news at CinemaCon 2018.

First, Gianopulos confirmed they're working on a sequel to the sleeper horror hit "A Quiet Place". Considering the movie is number one at the box office it's not a huge surprise. "If you told me five years ago that an almost silent film starring the very funny guy Jim from The Office would have been a hit at Paramount, I would have said, 'Well, I should go work at Paramount,'" Gianopulos told the crowd.

John Krasinski starred and directed the movie along with his real-life wife Emily Blunt. They play a couple with two young kids who have to remain absolutely silent to avoid being attacked by creatures attracted to noise.

"Gianopulos also teased that the studio was developing more in the 'Star Trek' universe with studio partner Skydance," THR said. "He provided no new details, though Quentin Tarantino is known to be developing a Star Trek film with J.J. Abrams."

According to Fandango’s Erik Davis, Gianopulos "first he said 'several new Star Trek movies' and then clarified that it was two right now in the works."

While the last movie, "Star Trek: Beyond", underperformed it was still Paramount's most successful film in 2016. With the recent success of "Star Trek: Discovery" it sounds like the studio wants to capitalize on the franchise.

This was actually teased by several members of the cast recently. "There’s a lot of energy around more [Star Trek] movies," Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, told The Observer. "Which ones are going to happen, which ones might happen first? I can’t really say, I don’t know honestly. I know there are lots of conversations being had about it. I know there are plans afoot to do at least one if not more movies."

He added that with Paramount's new administration they want to "keep the franchise going".

There isn't much more information right now, but this is great news. It would be a shame to see the "Star Trek" movies fade away.

[Via TrekMovie]

What do you think of the sequel to "The Quiet Place" and new "Star Trek" movies?

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