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"Infinity War" Cast Assembles For Perfect "Brady Bunch" Parody

The press tour for Avengers: Infinity War is the greatest press tour in the history of everything. It brings together a massive lineup of great actors eager to do anything to sell tickets for a movie most of the world is already planning to watch. Ya'll need to savor it.

As proof of this defining moment in pop culture, check out this clip from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon where the crew performs "The Marvel Bunch." You know, "The Brady Bunch" theme song but with Marvel characters instead?

1) Wakanda Forever
2) What's with superhero actors wearing mustaches in their non-superhero movies? Chris Evans, Henry Cavill...knock it off.
3) Who told Robert Downey Jr. that was a good hairstyle? Because it's not.

The rest is great.

What did you think of The Marvel Bunch?

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