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This Millennium Falcon Bedroom Is Out Of This World

It's the bedroom that made the Kessel run in twelve parsecs! A user named Dericrw posted an album on Reddit of his renovation of his five-year-old son's bedroom to build a full-sized cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. He and his wife spent a month on the build. It's an impressive project inside with a dedicated area for a twin bed, and a cockpit area with windows and a pretend console. Outside the Falcon, there's a wall of Nerf weapons, another wall of color-changing LEDs, a video screen that can be watched from inside the cockpit, and a huge mural of the Millennium Falcon to go with it. It's sturdy enough that it's held two adults and two children at once. It's so cool that we wish we had a room like this, and we're in our forties.

Star Wars Bedroom: Millennium Falcon

[Via Nerdist via Reddit]

Would you sleep in a Millennium Falcon bed?

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