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Would X-Men Have Stopped "Guardians of the Galaxy"?

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

If Marvel had owned X-Men, then Guardians of the Galaxy might never have happened.
Marvel is known for taking calculated risks. One of those is the mostly black cast and crew of Black Panther. Another big gamble was on Guardians of the Galaxy a movie about a talking raccoon and a giant talking tree. It spawned two wildly popular movies but there was a time it was a huge gamble. Director James Gunn responded to a question on Twitter that shows the history of the film.
"[Marvel president] Kevin Feige was into the idea of Guardians because of his deep love of Star Wars and space operas. But the Marvel Studios schedule might have been too glutted with content/movies and it would have never been made," he said.
One of the biggest reasons cited for not bringing the TV characters like Daredevil into the movies is there are too many characters. But when the opportunity to make a movie with a popular character like Spiderman comes up they move things around to make it happen.
If Marvel had gotten the rights to make an X-Men movie they would have moved heaven and earth to get it to the screen and a gamble like Guardians would have been sacrificed.
That would have been a shame and shows that not having big name characters like Fantastic Four and X-Men helped bring lesser-known characters like Rocket Racoon, Ant-Man, and Black Panther to the screen.
So, in a way, we can thank Fox for bringing  Groot to the screen.
Do you think Marvel would have made "Guardians of the Galaxy" instead of X-Men?

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