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Why Superman Should've Had a Beard in "Justice League"

Henry Cavill CGI upper lip in Justice League
By now, everyone who's seen Justice League has been freaked out by Henry Cavill's computer-generated upper lip. If you haven't heard the story, here's why it happened: Cavill was shooting Mission Impossible 6 at the time, and grew an enormous mustache for his role that his contract with Paramount kept him from shaving off.

However, his shooting schedule overlapped with shooting for Justice League, which meant he couldn't take the mustache off for his role as Superman. That's why Warner Bros. had to pay to get Cavill's upper lip reconstructed in CGI.

The worst part about all this mess is that, according to a visual effects artist who worked on Justice League, there was an entirely different and easier solution: have Henry Cavill shave and give him a CGI mustache in Mission Impossible 6. In an AMA on Reddit, the anonymous artist claimed that the team even used already shot footage of Superman and added a beard to show Paramount how much easier it was. Sadly, Paramount was being "petty" and refused.

Maybe it would have been better to just give Superman a mustache (or better yet, a beard) in Justice League. Maybe his mustache grew a little while he was underground. It also makes me think it would have been easier to just use a physical fake mustache in Mission Impossible 6, to begin with. I'm guessing Paramount just couldn't resist throwing a monkey wrench into another rival studio's big blockbuster movie.

[Via Telegraph]

Would you have rather seen Cavill's CGI mustache in "Mission Impossible 6?" Let us know in the comments!

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