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Top 8 New Comics You Should Read This Week - 11/22/2017

Black Panther #167 variant cover

Here are the top 8 new comics for November 22, 2017 featuring characters or talent of color. This week's comics features Black Panther fighting against his greatest enemy Klaw, Luke Cage is in prison, Riri Williams continues her search for Tony Stark and Lunella Lafayette brings together the Fantastic...Three?

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Black Panther #167

Black Panther #167 cover by Brian Stelfreeze
Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artist: Leonard Kirk
Cover Artist: Brian Stelfreeze
Summary: "KLAW STANDS SUPREME, Part 2 - The Black Panther's greatest enemy springs his trap! And with T'Challa off fighting the former gods of Wakanda, who will come to Ayo and Aneka's aid? And this is only the beginning. A cadre of villains returns as Wakanda comes to its knees!"
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99
Buy Black Panther #176 on Amazon

Doom Patrol #9

Doom Patrol #9 cover by Nick Derington
Writer: Gerard Way
Artist: Nick Derington
Cover Artist: Nick Derington
Summary: "NineNineNine99999 Part 2 of Nada - The secret of Terry None (maybe)! The return of old enemies (usually)! Casey eats S**t (again)! Strange babies (possibly)! Ungrateful cats (predictably)! Robotman punches stuff (of course)! Negative Man goes dark (potentially)! New life and anti-life (because)! All of this and none of it happens as reality begins to transform for the Doom Patrol. The stage is being set for the stage to be reset and you’re not going to want to miss the ambulance or you’ll never get to the theater on time."
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99
Buy Doom Patrol #9 on Amazon

The Flash #35

Writer: Michael Moreci, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Pop Mhan
Cover Artist: Neil Googe
Summary: "Black Hole Rising part two! - Betrayed and broken, The Flash must come to terms with the damage he has caused his friends, family and city, and find a way to repair it…or risk losing those he loves most forever!"
On Sale: November 22, 2017"  
Price: $3.99
Buy The Flash #35 on Amazon

Luke Cage #167

Luke Cage #167 cover by Rahzzah
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Guillermo Sanna
Cover Artist: Rahzzah
Summary: "CAGED, Part 2 - Luke Cage is back in the one place he never wanted to be. With his mind mangled, Luke grasps for any foothold he can find. Which is hard, as… this is no ordinary prison…"
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99

Buy Luke Cage #167 on Amazon

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25 cover by Natacha Bustos
Writer: Brandon Montclare
Artist: Natacha Bustos
Cover Artist: Natacha Bustos
Summary: "FANTASTIC THREE, Part 1 - When THE SILVER SURFER comes to Manhattan with a warning about an ancient cosmic menace on a collision course with Earth, you better listen up! But without the First Family of the Marvel Universe around to answer the call, who's going to step up and solve the impossible? Lunella Lafayette, that's who! Without Devil Dinosaur by her side, Lunella must join forces with some new friends who are missing their pals, too: THE HUMAN TORCH! THE EVER-LOVIN' BLUE-EYED THING! DON'T MISS THE RETURN OF THE FANTASTIC THREE! PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!"
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99

Buy Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25 on Amazon

Steven Universe #10

Steven Universe #10 cover by Missy Pena
Writer: Grace Kraft
Artist: Rii Abrego
Cover Artist: Missy Pena
Summary: "Connie and Steven head to the beach to work on a school project, and Amethyst’s attempts at helping out lead to some surprises with the animals who live in the water."
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99

Buy Steven Universe #10 on Amazon

Teen Titans #14

Teen Titans #14 cover by Dan Mora
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Cover Artist: Dan Mora
Summary: "The RETURN OF KID FLASH'! - Kid Flash agrees to come back to the team on one condition: a face-to-face apology from Robin! Can Damian swallow his pride and admit that firing Wally was a mistake? Or will his bruised ego spell the end of the Teen Titans once and for all?"
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99

Buy Teen Titans #14 on Amazon

Invincible Iron Man #594

Invincible Iron Man #594 cover by R.B. Silva
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Cover Artist: R.B. Silva
Summary: "THE SEARCH FOR TONY STARK Part 2 - THE SEARCH FOR TONY STARK continues, as some very surprising people from his present, past and future come together to help. Who will wield the power of Iron Man? It's all building to one of the most-anticipated moments in Iron Man history!"
On Sale: November 22, 2017
Price: $3.99
Buy Invincible Iron Man #594 on Amazon

What comics are you buying this week?

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