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Is "Star Trek: Discovery" Worth Subscribing to CBS All Access?

When CBS announced its plans to release Star Trek: Discovery in the United States exclusively on its new premium stream service CBS All Access, Star Trek fans raged that they would never subscribe to get the new show, no matter how good it was. Now that the show is out, some fans apparently changed their minds because Discovery is a huge hit and subscriptions went through the roof. Those of you who haven't tried it might be wondering, is Star Trek: Discovery worth subscribing?

No. Absolutely not.

Let's be clear that this isn't really a reflection of the show itself (which I think is quite good), but the subscription service. Star Trek: Discovery is a divisive show that some Star Trek fans wouldn't like at all, even if it was free over the air. Still, Discovery could be the best Star Trek show we've ever had, and CBS All Access still wouldn't be worth it.

If All Access was the only place to watch all of Star Trek's movies and TV shows (which I think is what CBS wants), then it might be worth paying $5.99 a month to access them, but you can find those on other subscription services like Amazon and Netflix with a much better catalog. Right now, I think CBS has a lousy collection of movies and TV shows on CBS All Access. At least for science fictions fans, Star Trek: Discovery is the only thing worth watching on CBS All Access (unless you're a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory) so you're essentially paying $5.99 a month for just this one show. Frankly, I don't think any single TV show is worth $5.99 a month, especially since that's the lowest tier with commercials. Without commercials is $9.99 a month. I would even say paying $29.99 for the full season on its own would be worth it, but not $71.88 a year. I think putting Discovery behind a paywall is a huge mistake for CBS and I won't support it.

Of course, you can judge for yourself. CBS All Access has a trial period available to see if you like it. Maybe you'll feel differently.

Do you think it's worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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