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What You Need to Watch on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in October 2017

Stranger Things (2017)

This month the second season of Stranger Things premieres on Netflix and there's a veritable Godzilla marathon starting on Hulu with 11 movies. This isn't a list of everything coming out in October, but just the best sci-fi movies and TV on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon in October.

Grab your popcorn, find your favorite spot and binge on the best Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon has to offer this month. 

Amazon Prime/Video

October 1

Escape from L.A. (1996) on Amazon Prime Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The man with the patch is back. Call him Snake. His job: wade through L.A.'s ruined landmarks to retrieve a doomsday device."
Starring: Kurt Russell, Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) on Amazon Prime Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion."

October 2

The Last Man on Earth Season 4 (2017) on Amazon Video Monday, Oct. 02, 2017

Synopsis: "From writer/producer Will Forte ('Nebraska') and directors/producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord ('The Lego Movie'), THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is a comedy about the adventures of PHIL MILLER (Forte), a regular guy who became humanity's last hope. Also starring Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Mel Rodriguez, Mary Steenburgen and Cleopatra Coleman"

October 13

Sigmund and the Sea Monster (Season 1) (2017) on Amazon Prime Friday, Oct. 13, 2017

Synopsis: "Brothers Johnny and Scotty and their cousin Robyn become best friends with a lovable young sea monster they find on the beach, named Sigmund. The three kids teach Sigmund about the human world and help to hide him and his family from Captain Barnabus, a sea monster hunter who's determined to prove that the creatures actually exist."

October 18

Fight for Space (2016) on Amazon Prime Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017

Synopsis: "In 1962, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed that NASA would send astronauts to the Moon by the end of the decade. The Space Race inspired an entire generation to pursue careers in science, technology, and engineering, creating the technological boom of the 1990s. As the balance of world power shifted, interest in space exploration declined and NASA became old news. Fight for Space examines the past, present and future of the US Space Program through in-depth interviews with the world’s leading experts on space travel, including astronauts Jim Lovell & Story Musgrave, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, engineers, space industry entrepreneurs and others. Restored film footage from the National Archives and years of historical research take you on an exciting journey from the beginning of NASA, into the future, re-awakening our sense of wonder, discovery and desire to reach for the stars."

October 28

Arrival (2016) on Amazon Prime Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017

Synopsis: "When mysterious spacecraft touchdown across the globe, an elite team - led by expert codebreaker Louise Banks (Amy Adams) - is brought together to investigate.  As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers – and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity."

On Netflix

October 1

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) on Netflix Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Take an unforgettable, uniquely magical journey through director Tim Burton's deliciously delightful, whimsically wonderful world of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
Starring: Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly"

October 6

ID-0: Season 1 (2017) on Netflix Friday, Oct. 06, 2017

Synopsis: "In the midst of a field exercise operating I-Machines, Alliance Academy student Maya Mikuri is thrown into an entirely different kind of adventure. Robots designed for extreme environments are just the beginning. Now she's facing instellar pirates and more."

October 13

Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 4 (2017) on Netflix Friday, Oct. 13, 2017

Synopsis: "There's only one way to stop the Galra: together. Will the galaxy join the Voltron Coalition in time?"

Meet the Robinsons (2007) on Netflix Friday, Oct. 13, 2017

Synopsis:  "Join a brilliant young inventor named Lewis as he sets off on a time-traveling journey to find the family he never knew. In the fantastical world of 2037, hip-hoppin' frogs and dogs that wear glasses are as common as talking dinosaurs. In an amazing twist, Lewis discovers that the fate of the future rests in his hands, but he can't save it alone -- he'll need every bit of help he can get from the wonderfully wacky Robinson family, who help him learn to keep moving forward and never stop believing in himself. "

The Mist: Season 1 (2017) on Netflix Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

Synopsis: "Based on the classic Stephen King novella of the same name, The Mist tells the story of a foreboding mist that arrives in one small town ushering in a terrifying new reality for its residents, putting their humanity to the test."

Stranger Things: Season 2 (2017) on Netflix Friday, Oct. 27, 2017

Synopsis: "A year after Will’s return, everything seems back to normal… but a darkness lurks just beneath the surface, threatening all of Hawkins."


Bubba the Redneck Werewolf (2017) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Get ready to howl at the moon with laughter at this uproarious horror comedy."

Congo (1995) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "A megalomaniacal C.E.O. sends his son into the dangerous African Congo on a quest for a source of diamonds large enough and pure enough to function as powerful laser communications transmitters (or is it laser weapons?). When contact is lost with his son and the team, his sometime daughter-in-law is sent after them."

Escape From L.A. (1996) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The man with the patch is back. Call him Snake. His job: wade through L.A.'s ruined landmarks to retrieve a doomsday device.
Starring: Kurt Russell, Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi"

Fire in the Sky (1993) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "FIRE IN THE SKY is the comprehensive story of a logger named Travis Walton who mysteriously disappears in 1975 only to turn up bloodied and bruised five days later. Walton and co-workers accidentally discover a UFO and unfortunately, they all escape except Walton who is elevated aboard the bizarre aircraft. Onboard he undergoes painful unearthly medical treatments and tests."

Godzilla (1998) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Following the French atomic bomb tests in the South Pacific, an unknown creature is spotted passing westward through the Panama Canal. Scientist Niko Tatopolous is called in to investigate the matter, and he quickly arrives at the conclusion that a giant, irradiated lizard has been created by the explosions. Godzilla(r) then makes its way north, landing at Manhattan to begin wreaking havoc in the big city. Even with the combined forces of the U.S. military to fight the monster, will it be enough to save the people of New York?"

Godzilla 2000 (1999) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Get ready to crumble! The king of all monsters is back and bigger than ever! The action heats up when a UFO reveals itself as a massive alien monster with awesome destructive powers. The alien monster heads straight for the behemoth GODZILLA(r) who's just crushed the entire city for the battle of the millennium. But GODZILLA(r)'s furious heat beam may not be enough to destroy the death-dealing alien, and the future of humankind is in jeopardy. Now, it's a bang-up, threeway, no-holds-barred brawl as GODZILLA(r), the alien monster and the courageous citizens of Japan fight an unprecedented battle for survival in this earth-shattering new sci-fi action adventure that will blow you away."

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (1994) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "2003. After four years of scrupulous preparation under the prime minister, a new invincible robot, Mechagodzilla(r), has now reached completion, armed with various weapons, including the most powerful gun in history that can destroy anything in the world. Akane Yashiro is transferred to join the Mechagodzilla(r) team as an operator who controls the mechanical monster. As soon as Mechagodzilla(r) starts on its test run, the huge shadow of Godzilla(r) begins to rise from the depths of the ocean...The battle of the century is going to take place between Godzilla(r) and Mechagodzilla(r)"

Godzilla Vs. Destroyah (1995) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "With a super-charged blast from his nuclear past, a new Godzilla emerges from his own ashes, radioactive and ready to take on Tokyo! Soon, Godzilla must battle his deadliest challenge yet: Destoroyah. And when Godzilla Junior joins the ring, only the Super X-III can put the deep freeze on this three-way monster melee."

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah (1991) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Godzilla, created when a dinosaur was exposed to radiation during an H-bomb test, fills the screen fighting his three-headed archrival in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991/103 min.) and again in Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth (1992/102 min.), engaging in a three-way battle with Mothra and Battra that threatens to destroy Japan."

Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Godzilla(r) is back! But he must battle Mechagodzilla II, a giant metal robot that is Japan's greatest hope for ending Godzilla's reign of terror. This is the '90s, high-tech version, never before seen in North America! Starring: Masahiro Takashima, Ryoko Sano, Megumi Odaka"

Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus: The G Annihilation Strategy (2000) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Five years after Godzilla® terrorized the city of Osaka, Japanese scientists have developed a sure-fire way to finally destroy Japan's monster nemesis. They have created the world's first man-made black hole, which will trap Godzilla® for eternity! But during a testing of this new Dimension Tide, an insect caught in the hole mutates, producing gargantuan eggs that give birth to a new menace."

Godzilla Vs. Mothra (1992) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The Giant Mothra returns after battling King Kong, but trouble's in store when Godzilla(r) appears."

Godzilla Vs. Spacegodzilla (1994) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The powers of telepathy enter the ranks of high technology in this supernatural, super-powered Godzilla(r) adventure for the 90's."

Godzilla, Mothra, And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Fifty years ago, the Japanese Defense Forces killed Godzilla(r) or so they thought. When a series of terrifying natural disasters begin to plague Japan, including the inexplicable offshore sinking of a U.S. submarine, a mystic old man warns his nation that Godzilla(r) has come back to destroy Japan as revenge for all the souls lost in the Pacific War. When mere military might cannot squash the monster, the mystic man awakens the Holy Beasts of Yamato - King GhidorahTM, Mothra(r) and BaragonTM, sleeping giants that protected Japan in ancient times. These untamed mammoth beasts take on Godzilla(r) with frightening supernatural brute power that has been 2,000 years in the making. Tradition and technology collide in this chilling high-tech, cutting-edge fable."

Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Earth has been relatively peaceful since Godzilla was successfully buried deep in ice beneath the South Pole. Then - sometime a few years hence-several of his old nemeses return to wreak havoc on cities worldwide. A huge spaceship suddenly appears and neutralizes all the monsters in a blink. The visitors are 'Xiliens,' who take human form and announce they would like to negotiate a peace treaty that would replace the United Nations with a 'United Universe'. They are indeed too good to be true, however. It doesn't take long before their nefarious real purpose is exposed - conquering Earth. Greatly outmatched, Earth officials decide to de-freeze Godzilla as man's only hope to vanish the invaders, as well as the monsters they control. Only trouble is Godzilla is still mad at man for freezing him in the first place."

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Mechagodzilla(r), the superior-armed, state-of-the-art, all-robot version of Godzilla(r), is undergoing repairs after his devastating battle against the world's monsters. A pair of psychic fairies appear and warn scientists to stop rebuilding Mechagodzilla(r) but their warning goes unheeded. As the great robot nears completion, a series of mysterious incidents rock the world and awaken Godzilla(r), who unleashes a reign of terror against Tokyo. Mothra(r) joins him and Japan's desperate PrimeMinister has no choice but to launch the unfinished Mechagodzilla(r) against Mothra(r) and Godzilla(r). But who will fight for whom? And in the end -- will the survivor be monster, robot or man?"

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion."

The One (2001) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "A cop must fight his evil double from a parallel universe in order to save himself and the world. Starring: Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Carla Gugino"

Out of Time (2003) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "Police Chief Matt Lee Whitlock is respected by his peers and loved by his community. But when Banyan Key is shocked by a double homicide, he finds himself in a race against time to solve the murders before he himself falls under suspicion."

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The coolest SPYkids anywhere are back for a huge new adventure! This time, Carmen and Juni are on a mission to recover a device that threatens the entire world! They enlist the skills of Mom and Dad (Carla Gugino and Antonio Banderas) -- and even their SPY grandparents (Holland Taylor and Ricardo Montalban) -- in a thrilling show of family teamwork! With even more cool gadgets, imaginative creatures, and awesome special effects ... it's a nonstop high-tech adventure for everyone!"

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) on Hulu Sunday, Oct. 01, 2017

Synopsis: "The Spy Kids are back again! Secret agents, Juni (Daryl Sabara) and Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega) set out on their most mind-blowing mission yet: a journey inside the virtual reality world of a video game where awe-inspiring graphics and creatures come dangerously to life!"

Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter: Complete Season 2 (2017) on Hulu Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

Synopsis: "Neon Joe has retired from werewolf hunting, and focuses on another life goal: opening his tropical-themed dream bar, Oahu Joe's. But it's not all peaceful in paradise, as the bar's struggles are compounded by an ominous visit from Joe's past, that forces him back into the werewolf hunting game."

What are you watching on streaming services this month?

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  1. Hulu has gone Godzilla.
    They're making another Sigmund and the Sea Monsters? I remember watching the original as a kid. It wasn't good.
    Excited about the next season of Stranger Things!


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