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WATCH: Women Training to Be Amazons For "Wonder Woman" is Literally Empowering

You've seen actors going through physical training to performs stunts in superhero movies before, but not like what you'll see in this featurette about Wonder Woman.

Many women watching the groundbreaking female-led superhero movie Wonder Woman have been thrilled by the sight of legions of Amazonian warriors battling men to a standstill. The fight scenes have literally driven some women to tears, so moved by something they've never seen in a movie before: armies of women kicking butt with the camera focused on their power and not their bodies.

These scenes didn't come about by accident. Director Patty Jenkins didn't just hand a bunch of supermodels wooden swords and use wires and camera tricks to make them look like warriors. She hired 30 women to play as Amazons and put them through intense training so they would not only act the part but look the part. This behind-the-scenes featurette shows how the women were physically and mentally transformed by the experience, and what it's like to see dozens of women working together in a gym to become stronger. It's pretty awesome.

Now check out the fruits of their labors:

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