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Geek Bits: Worst Star Wars Toys, Gamora Make-up Secrets and More

Cast of Defenders (2017)
Who's joining the cast of the Inhumans Royal Family? What 80s video game is starring The Rock? How long does it take Zoe Saldana to turn into Gamora? Who is the Sith Lord Dennis?

Find out that and more in this week's Top "Geek Bits."

First Marvel’s Inhumans Photo Reveals the Royal Family

The first poster and teaser for ABC's next Marvel TV series Inhumans dropped this week. While it doesn't show LockJaw it does show the "royal family" including Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon and Ken Leung as Karnak.

(via Superhero Hype)

Dwayne Johnson Reveals New Rampage Movie Plot Details

Here's the description so far:

“I head up an anti poaching unit out of Rwanda. My best friend is a rare albino gorilla named, George. Very bad people infect George, an alligator and a wolf with a serum. All three animals grow at an unprecedented rate. Their size, speed, agility and violent aggression is off the charts. They go on a deadly rampage and want to destroy the world. George not happy. Me not happy. When animals like you, they lick you. When they don’t like you, they kill you. I will hunt down the bad people who did this to my best friend.”

I can't say I'm super excited about this one, but I'll follow Rock on this journey.
(via Screen Rant)

Guardians of the Galaxy: Zoe Saldana Shares Gamora Makeup Timelapse Video

Gamora Makeup Time-Lapse from GKMC on Vimeo.

(via Screen Rant )

Guide to Mos Eisley Cantina

No Droids Served Here: Scum and Villainy of the Mos Eisley Cantina
Image Created by HalloweenCostumes.com

(via Halloween Costumes)

McG no longer directing Masters of the Universe

Thank goodness... David S. Goyer is writing the He-Man reboot, now slated for a 2019 release

Worst Star Wars Knock-Off Toys Ever

Here's a list of hilariously bad knockoffs of Star Wars toys. Dennis doesn't sound as menacing to me as Darth Maul. Click the link for more.

VOTD: Watch ‘Star Wars’ Fan Adam Scott Get Surprised by Mark Hamill

(via Slashfilm)

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  1. Its neat Groot made it back into Guardians, so far so good. Its cool knowing these dudes are still wreaking havoc in the galaxy.


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