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Geek Bits: The Newest "Star Trek" Captain, Larry Hamas Action Figure, and More

They don't have touchscreens in the future?
A new "Star Trek" captain, a new teaser for Wonder Woman, and Chewbacca's pants. Welcome to this week's long overdue Geek Bits!
  • Fans created a Kickstarter to give Larry Hama, the creator of the backstory to the classic G.I. Joe action figures, his own action figure. The circle is now complete.

  • The captain of the new TV show Star Trek: Discovery has been announced, Jason Isaacs. We're disappointed the captain's not Angela Bassett, but it'll do.

  • The teaser for the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie was announced. No word on when the release date for the poster for the teaser trailer for the trailer for the Wonder Woman TV commercial's teaser trailer will drop, though.

  • Kong: Skull Island is doing so well this weekend that Legendary has announced the creation of a writer's room for their Kong/Godzilla cinematic universe.
  • James Cameron's Avatar 2 won't make its 2018 release date, which comes as a huge shock to no one.

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What do you think of this week's news bits? What other interesting news items have you seen this week?

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