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The Mafia Meets "Space Pants" on SNL

If you haven't seen SNL's "Space Pants" sketch, you need to fix that right now. When Peter Dinklage hosted Saturday Night Live in 2016, this one sketch stood out above all others. It begins in kind of a stereotypical way with two guys meeting tough mobsters over some money that's owed, all very tense and gripping, until the meeting is broken up by the most distracting thing you could possibly imagine: Peter Dinklage walking out in a white wig and singing an 80's-style New Wave song about "Space Pants." It's one of the most bizarre and hilarious sketches we've seen in a long while.

And in case that surprisingly earwormy song leaves you wanting more, SNL released the full "Space Pants" song on YouTube. Go ahead and make it your ringtone and annoy your friends.

What did you think of Space Pants? Would you like your pants to be a tour of the solar system?

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