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Marvel Pulled Riri Williams' Cover For Being Too Sexy

We recently talked about the new Iron Man, who will be a young black girl named Riri Williams (her name will be Ironheart, in case you're wondering how a female can be an "Iron Man"). While that brought the usual controversy over a female minority taking over a white male role, a new controversy has erupted over one of the variant covers for her first issue.

Marvel released this cover for "Invincible Iron Man" #1:

Just a day after its release, the flood of complaints caused Marvel to pull the cover. While many people in the comments underworld of the Internet are screaming about "another conspiracy by the Social Justice Warrior Feminazis argle bargle," we think they need to focus not on the fact that Marvel pulled a picture of a sexy woman, but that they pulled a picture of an UNDERAGE GIRL. This cover wouldn't really be that big a deal if she was twenty or even eighteen. But the fact that it's a fifteen year old girl makes it way more inappropriate.

For comparison, Riri Williams is apparently based on the actress Skai Jackson, who looks like this:

Quite a different body.

And yes, some people have been making the argument that fifteen year old girls in the real world wear way skimpier outfits than this. To which we say, "That's true. But this isn't a real girl." In real life, fifteen year old girls also drink, take drugs, smoke, and do all sorts of stuff. It's only when we get into the fictional world where everything is a creation of someone's own imagination that we get to cast judgement.

Personally, I think it's not just sexist, but bad art. The torso is way too long with an enormous stomach compared to the rest of her.

What do you think of Riri Williams' cover?

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