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"Fan-o-Rama" Fan Film Brings "Futurama" to Life

Good news, everyone! Futurama is back! Well, sort of. It's unlike anything you've seen before.

A while back, we profiled a makeup creation of Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. Well, someone has gone full walrus with a live-action version of Futurama called "Fan-O-Rama." "Fan-O-Rama" has all the major characters, using makeup to bring Farnsworth, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, and even Hermes into the real world. It looks like it's even doing it without CGI, using practical models. The project is led by Dan Lanigan, with special effects by Martin Moonwalker Meunier, Kody Frederick and Katie Lanigan to co-star and co-write, and Eric Diaz to produce music and costumes. Together, they created this trailer to prove that if Futurama existed in the real world, it would be really creepy and disturbing, but also fun to watch. We hope...

What do you think of Fan-O-Rama?

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