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What "Edward Scissorhands" Neighborhood Looks Like 25 Years Later

Edward Scissorhands Neighborhood, Source: 21st Century Fox
In 1990, Tim Burton's surreal masterpiece Edward Scissorhands hit theaters, telling the bizarre fable of a young Johnny Depp with scissor blades for fingers. Some of the most memorable images in the movie came from the creepily bland pastel houses in Edward's new neighborhood. A user on IMGUR calling themselves Voodrew apparently lives in the neighborhood where the movie was filmed, and posted these photos showing what it looks like today. Here are the comments:
In 1990 Edward Scissorhands was filmed in a (then brand new) subdivision right down the street from me just outside of Tampa, Fl. My Mom worked for the doctor on call to the set. I had some afternoon hours off recently so I took my daughter for a stroll around the neighborhood and took some "before and afters." It looks NOTHING like it did, mainly because there were no trees in the movie, just bushes... (and of course the houses were painted pastely [sic])

25 Years Ago Edward Scissorhands was filmed near my house

Voodrew even posted this link to Google Street View of the location, so you can take your own virtual tour.


[Via imgur]

What do you think of the neighborhood?

About the Author - Nigel G. Mitchell earned a Bachelor's in English from Arizona State University in 1999. In addition to writing for The Geek Twins, his short stories have been published in Lost Worlds, 365 Tomorrows, and Black Hole Magazine. His latest novel is Seizure.

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  1. This is eerie! Also, it's amazing how much difference some trees make in the way a neighborhood looks (and some decently colored paint!).


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