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How to Tell a "Marvel" Movie From a Marvel Movie

All movies about Marvel superheroes are not created equal. As we've highlighted with our infographic, not all Marvel property are yet owned by Marvel Studios, and the quality of non-Marvel Marvel movies is all over the map. With the failure of Fantastic Four, and the agreement for Marvel to take over the Spiderman property from Sony, it seems more and more that Marvel Studios might be the only sign of a quality superhero movie. More than ever, we the viewers want to make sure we're seeing a quality film. That's why this infographic by CyanShades is useful. Check out the differences by clicking below:
A guide I made highlighting the differences between "Non-Marvel" Marvel films and Marvel Studios films. Was designed to help educate those who have no clue that there's a difference.

[Via AVClub via Reddit]

Does it matter who makes Marvel movies? What's your favorite "Marvel" and Marvel movie?

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