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DAREDEVIL is Filming Season Two; Where's LUKE CAGE Season One?

Mike Colter as Marvel's Luke Cage
When Daredevil hit Netflix, it was a surprise hit, and Netflix is rushing to get to season two. This begs the question of what happened to our most-anticipated Marvel TV series, Luke Cage. What's up with that?

Daredevil is part of a package of four Marvel shows that Netflix is developing into series. The other three are Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Luke Cage, an African-American powerhouse who calls himself Power Man, is one of the most prominent and beloved minority heroes in comics, so the blerd community was psyched to see him on the screen. But the plan has always been to release all four series, and then a mini-series bringing all four together called The Defenders.

Daredevil was just supposed to be the first in line, but it's also turned into a huge success that caught everyone by surprise. Before it premiered, Daredevil's showrunner Steven DeKnight wasn't even sure if Netflix would be producing a season two at all. When asked, he said he had "absolutely no idea" if season two would happen. Most in the industry assumed Daredevil S2 would be released after the first seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, and possibly even after The Defenders.

But Netflix surprised everyone by greenlighting Daredevil S2 in record time. Not only did they announce season two to air in 2016. but they cast new actors for Elektra and Punisher, and have even started filming. As for Jessica Jones, that started filming in February 2015, and is apparently pretty fair along, but there's no firm release date. As for Luke Cage?  According to Birthmoviesdeath, Luke Cage is still in the scripting stage with only half the scripts of the first season written. That doesn't sound promising. Exactly when can we expect Luke Cage to air?

Well, it's not good news. IGN asked Netflix's head Ted Sarandos, and he said Netflix doesn't adhere to any kind of fall schedule. They want to give each series enough time to develop. That's why the plan is to release each series eight months to a year apart. Which means we might not get Jessica Jones until 2016, and Luke Cage wouldn't premiere until 2017. Sweet Christmas...let's not warm up our wrist bracelets just yet.

What do you think of Netflix's plan?

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  1. Considering how awesome the series has been so far, I'm going to have to trust their judgement.

  2. Yeah you're probably right Ms Mariah. And if the movie bombs they would say that Black superheroes don't work. Diversity isn't an option in today's world and the money is following the trend.

    As much as I love Marvel, DC is slamming Marvel when it comes to diversity. Half the Justice League is minority and there isn't one major Avenger of color. That might be changing in the next movie which would be sweet.


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