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If the Trailer for JUPITER ASCENDING Was Honest

Jupiter Ascending was an interesting movie. And by interesting, I mean not good. Well, there are some good parts, like the dazzling visuals and costumes, and philosophical exploration of identity in a world of cloning, and the extension of life by destroying it. But also some massively bad parts. Like the wolf ears on Channing Tatum, which is only saved from being completely ridiculous by the fact that it's Channing Tatum. Heck, you could put that guy in a propeller beanie and a diaper, and women would still swoon over him. Oh, and the flying roller skates probably sounded better on paper than they did on screen. Even the Wachowskis themselves admitted this movie's failure means they'll never get to do a big-budget movie again. Here's how Screen Junkies broke JA down, and it's fairly accurate. Especially the plot. When you spell it out like that, it doesn't make much sense.

What did you think of Jupiter Ascending?

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  1. They're right - his Oscar should be revoked! No desire to see this one. Well, maybe on NetFlix just to watch the train wreck.

  2. The real surprise is this even got greenlit in the first place. You'd have thought after Speed Racer no one would hand them the checkbook again.

  3. Why wouldn't they get to do another big budget movie? I mean, how many busts did M. Night Shyamalan get?

    I'm kidding, kind of. I mean, when the Wachowskis managed to make "V for Vendetta" boring, I wondered about their long term viability...

    (The clip is really funny, though!)

  4. I have to start by saying, the plot of this film was revealed in the trailer and for me that was enough for me. It looked awful to start and from everyone's reaction with an epic fail... the only thing I am debating is the score from it. Should I or shouldn't I get the score?

  5. I really wasn't over keen on Jupiter Ascending, sat and watched it and just thought why has this been made, what made it worse I watching it with my mate who plays Falque at the time!


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