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DUCK DYNASTY Meets AVENGERS in "Redneck Avengers"

Source: YouTube
If you haven't seen Bad Lip Reading yet, this is a perfect time to start. They do spot-on but completely inaccurate dialogue based on the lip movements of actors in various movies and TV shows. They finally got around to doing Marvel's Avengers, but they gave it a redneck twist. Watch this clip to see what the Avengers would be like if they were a bunch of Southern superheroes working out of a trailer park. And had ridiculous conversations.

What do you think of Redneck Avengers?

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  1. That's an awesome idea.

  2. What's scary is that after living here in the South for so long, I can actually imagine them talking like that.

  3. This was interesting. :) The Scarlett voice didn't quite match, though.

  4. Oddly, my favorite bad lip reading videos are the NFL ones. They're always so out there. This one was funny, too, though. "Have you seen her tattoo?" "Do you have a kazoo?"

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  6. LOL - I love it.

  7. I should be offended by this video, but I honestly can't be mad at something that I laughed at. Good job, BLS.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Loki's new redneck voice matches him the best?

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