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The Extended Trailer for SUPERGIRL is Kinda Ally McBeal

Source: CBS
While Marvel has recently expanded its TV presence with Netflix's Daredevil, DC is still way ahead of them. Not only is the new CW Flash series a hit, and spawning a spin-off on its own, there's also a new TV show coming to CBS: Supergirl. While Netflix teased us with a few scant minutes of footage for Daredevil, Supergirl is coming out blazing with almost seven minutes of girl power superheroism that feels like the pilot episode in miniature. And I gotta say, it feels more like a rom-com than a comic book. You've got the clumsy heroine, the OMG moments, and the working girl vibe. Plus superpowers. And Calista Flockhart, who is literally Ally McBeal.

What do you think of Supergirl?

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  1. It could be good, though I hate pretty much everything on CBS so I'm a little skeptical about that.

  2. A little goofy at first, but it finds its stride. Hope she tells her boss to shove it.

  3. As long as they don't use the dancing baby from Ally McBeal it should be fine.
    I didn't expect the video to be so long. It's like watching a mini series for a trailer.

  4. I am in for it... gotta lose the sex and the city thingy... it just might work!


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