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See Your Favorite Sci-Fi Posters Burned in Wood

Alien etching from Laser Art Canarias
A young team of laser engravers from Spain told us about Laser Art Canarias. They use a process involving a combination of different pictures, AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator designs all properly rendered for laser engraving. After that, the wood is treated, sanded, varnished and waxed in order to show all the details on the wood.

"As fans of sci-fi, space, physics and horror movies we created an unique and impressive collection of wooden posters," Diego Scaglia Rat said, "All of our designs are built with passion and dedication; beginning with an idea and ending as beautifully engraved posters. We carefully select the wood, sand it, wax it and varnish it to create something it will last forever. In fact, every wooden poster is totally unique, because the pattern and grain of the wood is never the same."

Laser Engravings by Laser Art Canarias

The results are pretty amazing, so head to their site to see their collection of laser engraved mirror posters, 3D cardboard statues and candle holders. Head to http://laserartcanarias.com

What do you think of wood carvings? Which is your favorite?

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  1. The Predator one is wicked. So is the Alien one with Ripley. That must take a lot of patience.

  2. Nice. The wood shops at the University I work at have the AutoCAD. The Architecture students use it to cut cardboard and wood for their projects.

    Maybe I could corrupt someone into making me a Doctor Who picture. ;-)

  3. ooohh, I likey. I'd own any of them.

  4. Very artsy - I'd love one with the T-rex from Jurrasic Park!

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