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Infographic: Who's the Biggest Murderer in the Marvel Universe?

Who's the most lethal character in the Marvel universe?

Morphsuits contacted us about their very cool infographic "The Deadliest Killers of Earth-616! Murderers of Marvel". They describe this way:

"Who is the deadliest character in the Marvel Universe? Wolverine? The Hulk? Deadpool?

"We’ve had furious debates over this in the MorphCostumes office, pitting characters against one another in imaginary fights to the death.

'This month, we decided to settle the argument once and for all. We combed our comic archives and ranked the deadliest Marvel characters, based on the number of people they’ve killed. From dangerous and deadly to downright lethal, here are the biggest killers in the main Marvel universe!"

"The Deadliest Killers of Earth-616! Murderers of Marvel" by Morph Costumes

What do you think of infographic? Who do you think is the most lethal Marvel character?

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  1. Not really a surprise with the top 3.


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