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Geek Bits: 10 Links You Should Read About Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield is Spider-Man [Source]

Since Asa Butterworth may be the new Spider-Man, here are some articles you need to read about him.


Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield was born 1 April 1997 in England. He's best known for playing Bruno in the Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008), the young Mordred in the hit BBC TV Series Merlin, Norman in the 2010 film Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, and Hugo for Martin Scorsese's Hugo (2011) and Ender Wiggins the movie Ender's Game (2013). He's still been acting and has starred in Morgan Matthews' X+Y and Ten Thousand Saints.

1. Rumor: Asa Butterfield is Spider-Man

 2. Asa Butterfield's Facebook Page

3. Asa Butterfield's Twitter account

4. Asa Butterfield's Instagram Page

5. How tall is Asa Butterfield?
Everyone is showing pictures of him when he's ten years old. he's 5' 10" (1.78 m) now.

6. Video: Teenage Dirtbag (Mash-Up) by Asa ButterfieldIn 2004, at the age of seven, Asa made a mashup of the songs 'Teenage Dirtbag' (by Wheatus) and 'Making plans for Nigel' (by XTC), and he also sings on it, for a contest in his school. He won a Fender guitar, and his song aired live on the radio.

7. 8 Things To Know About Hugo’s Asa Butterfield!

9. ‘Ender’s Game’ Star Asa Butterfield Reveals His Painful Space Camp Regiment
Butterfield is used to working on physically demanding movies

10. Asa Butterfield, 'Hugo' Star, Talks Martin Scorsese, 3D and 'Ender's Game'



Star Trek: The Animated Series - "The Terratin Incident" (01x11) - Recommended

Wikipedia Synopsis: "In this episode, after an apparent attack, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves beginning to shrink in size toward the point that they will no longer be able to control the ship."
This episode is fun, but Captain Kirk makes the most shocking mistakes in judgement that I've ever seen. First, he leaves his mission the investigate of a planet to search for a message that has two words. He doesn't understand the words and has no way of knowing if it's important. Then, when his chief science officer Mr. Spock warns him that it would be dangerous to go into a planet's atmosphere he goes anyway after checking with his engineering chief. The crew is almost stranded and he decides the best thing to do is send the captain to the planet alone with no guarantee that he can get back in ten minutes. Anyway, it all works out, but what a horrible captain he is.The scientific explanation of everything by Paul Schneider is wonderful and really well-done. It's a great and fun episode.
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  1. He's an unusual choice. Wasn't sure about him in Ender's Game, although he was great in Hugo.

  2. At least he's younger than the last guy who was 30 playing 18.

  3. I've liked everything he has done. I wonder how his New York accent sounds?

  4. It's funny you mention that because I was just thinking how none of the Spiderman actors have even tried to do a New York accent which seems obvious when you think about it. He's from New York. Born and raised. Why wouldn't you have an accent? I've heard that people with British accents find a Southern accent easier for some reason. Maybe it's the same thing with Italian accidents.

  5. It will be a huge change. Every time they have a Spiderman movie they get a 50 year old guy playing a high school kid. It's pretty ridiculous so I'm looking forward to this.

  6. Yeah he was good in Hugo and the Boy with the Striped Pajamas but I'm not sure how is going to be as a superhero. Ender's Game was weak but I don't blame him.

  7. Yeah it was the total 90210 thing, especially with Andrew Garfield. High school kids shouldn't have wrinkles and crow's feet.

  8. It'll certainly be interesting how they go with yet another Spider-Man movie, I was never a big fan of Ender's Game, it just seem to lack something! Loved Hugo though, it was one of my favourite 3D movies at the time it was released.

  9. I wonder why we tolerate that? Is it because the acting is better?

  10. Martin Scorcese redefined the 3D movie from what I heard. I never saw it in theaters and always regret that.

    There was an introspective nature to Enders Game that was lost in the movie. Plus the twist ending lacked the punch that the original had since the time shrink made the grueling months of training fly by. Not a terrible movie, but lacking like you said.

  11. This kid is amazing! Thanks for these articles. Nice to learn some more about him. :D

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