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7 Sci-fi Movies That Destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge

For a long time, the Empire State Building was the preferred landmark to be destroyed by Hollywood. Starting with King Kong and continuing through Independence Day, a lot of monsters and aliens liked to smash that skyscraper. But over time, a new landmark has emerged as a target of destruction: the Golden Gate Bridge. Here are seven movies that smashed up one of America's most celebrated bridges.

1. The Core
In this disaster movie, the Earth's core has stopped spinning, and a team plans to bore to the center of the Earth to restart it. One side effect of the core's stationary movement is that the Earth's magnetic field is collapsing, causing deadly radiation to leak through. At one point, a beam of radiation cuts the Golden Gate Bridge in half. That won't help with the commute.

2. Godzilla (2014)
In the remake of the classic monster movie, an ancient dinosaur rises from the ocean to wreak havoc on Mankind. In the original movie, Godzilla invaded Tokyo. In the first American remake, Godzilla attacked New York. With the second attempt, Godzilla headed to the City by the Bay, and headed straight for the bridge. But at least he left it in better shape than the others in this list.

3. It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955)
When radiation affects an ancient creature, it rises up to attack San Francisco. Wait, didn't we just do this one? Oh, this one's an octopus. In this old-school classic, a giant octopus rises from the ocean to wrap its tentacles around the bridge and tear it apart. All those cables are no match for eight strong arms.

4. Megashark vs. Giant Octopus
When a glacier melts, it releases two prehistoric creatures, a giant shark and a giant octopus. Being natural mortal enemies, they fight. That's the premise of this movie, which didn't have too much to recommend it. Except of course, the part where the megashark bites the Golden Gate Bridge in half. Because that could totally happen. It's a known fact that the bridge tastes like baby seals.

5. Meteor Storm
When a rogue comet pulls asteroids out of its normal orbit, Earth is bombarded by a deadly meteor shower. Hence the name of this 2010 TV movie. For some reason, the asteroids seem to focus their attention on San Francisco, tearing the Golden Gate Bridge apart. Unfortunately, the movie version of this scene was not as good as the poster's.

6. Pacific Rim 
In the near future, monsters from another dimension called kaiju are invading Earth, and we need giant robots to fight them. The first attack occurs at San Francisco, and we watch the enormous kaiju tear the Golden Gate Bridge apart. While we see many scenes of destruction, this proved that if San Fran goes, so goes the world.

7. X-Men: The Last Stand
In the third of the X-Men movie series, Magneto leads a gang of mutants into civil war against the government. At the climactic battle, Magneto uses his awesome powers to rip the entire Golden Gate bridge loose and moves it to become a bridge to Alcatraz. At least he kept it all in one piece.

Which was your favorite destruction? What other landmarks do you enjoy seeing destroyed?

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  1. Did they destroy the bridge in that Planet of the Apes reboot? At least in Star Trek 4 they crashed the ship under the bridge.

  2. Hm, did they move away from destroying the Empire State Building after 9/11? I know some of these movies are from before then, but I wonder if 9/11 was when everyone officially said "Don't destroy things in New York. Too soon."

    I just like seeing things destroyed. I admit, one of my guilty pleasures is disaster movies.

  3. I've only seen Pacific Rim.

    What an alarming sight.

  4. iconic places, ironically destroyed.

  5. Maybe the new Independence Day movie will have the aliens destroy the bridge.

  6. Great movie review..


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