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3 Greatest Geek Movies My Kids Hate

You know those stories you read of geek fathers introducing their children to the classics of nerd-dom like Star Wars and Batman? I love those stories. I envy those stories. But that never happens to me.

I've got three kids. Boys. Youngest is three, oldest is eight. Never have I seen more of a culture gap than I do when I show them my favorite sci-fi movies. I always expect them to look upon these treasures with wonder. I imagine seeing them for the first time through their eyes. I imagine bonding with them over the common love of science and just plain coolness, going back to my youth.

Instead, this is what happens. Allow me to transport you to our living room on movie night...

E.T. the Extraterrestrial

Star Wars IV: A New Hope


What other movies should I force my kids to watch?

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  1. I always thought ET was boring. My brother got his kids watching the old Batman TV show sometimes but since he has 2 girls it's a little harder to get them into stuff like Transformers or GI JOE or HE-Man.

    Anyway, I don't think you'd want to show them the original Star Trek movies. The first one would just be boring and confusing and the second might be scary in parts. I'm not sure how they'd feel about the 1978 Superman movie.

  2. My son is 13 now, and still refuses to watch ET. Too scary and sad. :-(
    I've hit a home run with Star Wars, and he liked Howard the Duck.(Mom still doesn't know about that one.) My kids like the Muppet type stuff Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Never Ending Story. You could never go wrong with all the Godzilla movies.

  3. Hilarious. When they're older...?

  4. I can quite understand them not liking ET, specially if it's that awful version where the guns got CGI'd in to flash lights!! Walking away from Star Wars though, damn that's SciFi sacrilege ;)

  5. Future-Bound-EntertainmentMay 22, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    I agree with your kids on E.T.

  6. LOL...what are your feelings on Flight of the Navigator? I didn't think my (6) nieces and nephews would like it, but one did.

  7. I haven't shown them that one yet. I'll try it

  8. Yeah, from their perspective, it is pretty scary

  9. It's both shocking and disturbing

  10. They actually do like the old Batman show. It's very kid-friendly. I wouldn't even try with the original Star Trek movie

  11. Yeah, they do like Godzilla, although there's not enough Godzilla for them in the original movies. I actually wouldn't show Howard the Duck to my kids, though. The duck nudity would be hard to explain

  12. Never dug E.T. ever... it always creeped my out.

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