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Marvel's DAREDEVIL E6.S1: "Condemned" [Review]

Source: Marvel/Netflix
Daredevil has finally been released on Netflix. All thirteen episodes are available for viewing right now, but I decided to review each individual episode in the season, as if it were airing on TV. Today, I'll be reviewing the sixth episode, "Condemned." If you haven't seen it or haven't seen the show at all yet...

What a roller coaster this episode was. After the explosion, I thought we'd seen the last of Vladimir. But Daredevil (Charlie Cox) carries him to an abandoned building to interrogate him. This turns the episode into a long physical and verbal conflict between the two. The way Daredevil and Vladimir were forced to work together and fight each other made the episode a thrill. When Vladimir died, and Daredevil brought him back to life, it drove what depths he's willing to go to. And Claire helped him. She's crossing some ethical lines.

I loved the moment where Vladimir debates with Daredevil about his "no-kill" policy. Is it really following his beliefs if he allows a man to die? It reminded me of Batman in Batman Begins when he said, "I won't kill you. But I don't have to save you." The debate over where the line is drawn is worth asking.

And just when I think Vladimir is going to end up switching sides and joining Daredevil, he pulls a twist and ends up smashing them through the floor. Vladimir is hardcore.

Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) rush to the hospital, where Foggy is injured and confined to a hospital bed. His comments about how he's confident of Murdock's safety and wants to climb out of bed to help him is awesome. Karen's kiss to Foggy and his reaction is heartbreaking. He's falling hard for her and she can't even see it.
Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) has a conversation with Daredevil over the police radio, and it was a pivotal moment, where they sort of confront each other. Daredevil tries to keep up his end, but Fisk is just toying with him. I loved how Daredevil scoffed at the idea the Kingpin could frame him until Fisk showed his true power. He not only has police officers and SWAT team members on his payroll, but also the media. Kingpin's plan becomes crystal clear as he frames Daredevil for all the bombings and even the murders of several police officers. Daredevil is going to be on the run. The pressure is on. The explosions also seem to be the beginning of Fisk's plan to tear down Hell's Kitchen and rebuild it.

Through all of it, Ben Urich is working behind the scenes. Ben Urich is really growing on me as a skilled and confident reporter. He talks and acts like he's seen it all. He had to yell at the detective to get an EMT? Tough. The moment where he's writing names down on playing cards seemed so old school. And he's piecing it all together, leading up to the King. The Kingpin, get it?

My only complaint in this episode, if you want to call it a complaint, is that it was so focused. I've gotten so used to this show juggling multiple storylines in each episode that following just one storyline seemed kind of disappointing. But it was also nice to just have to follow one story.

Where will it go from here? Find out next time. Or, you know, turn on Netflix and watch it.

Some random thoughts:
  • It was nice to see Claire (Rosario Dawson) as a nurse in the hospital. In her natural element.
  • I was sorry to see Officer Sullivan killed. I thought he might become Daredevil's ally.

What did you think of this episode? Do you want more episode reviews?

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