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ISS Astronaut Does Greatest STAR TREK Cosplay Ever

Samantha Cristoforetti aboard International Space Station (Credit: NASA)
An astronaut has done the most epic Star Trek cosplay ever. All y'all can stop doing it now. Samantha Cristoforetti posted a picture of herself on Twitter motioning to the oncoming cargo delivery by the Dragon spacecraft launched by SpaceX last week.

The vital cargo included the world's first Zero-G Espresso machine known as ISSpresso by LavAzza. Up till now the crew has been forced to drink freeze-dried instant coffee. It's reportedly "an excellent instant coffee" according to Vickie Kloeris the Manager of the Space Food Systems Laboratory, but nowhere near as good as the real thing. For the Italian astronauts, used to drinking a hot cup of espresso, it's especially hard. Italian Astronaut Luca Parmitano said, "The only thing I really miss, if we talk about food, is a real Italian espresso coffee." The device itself is a feat of engineering to bring the space travelers a good "cup of Joe" and no one really knows if it's going to work out, but everyone decided it was worth the challenge.

The reference is to an episode of Star Trek: Voyager called "The Cloud". When Captain Janeway had to stop making coffee to save power, a nebula promised enough power to get her back her black coffee.

Cristoforetti's is the first Italian female astronaut and is well known for her love of Star Trek. After Leonard Nimoy died, she shared a picture of her giving the "Vulcan salute" and quoting about his character Mr. Spock.

This is the first known cosplay in space which is pretty remarkable when you think about it. Not only did she have to time and plan the picture, but she also had to have her hair done and have the costume. Considering she was launched on 23 November 2014 that means she either has the costume with her for fun, made the costume in space or had it sent to her. No matter how you look at it, its amazing.

Cristoforetti is now working and living on the International Space Station as part of her Futura mission and enjoys interacting with space enthusiasts on Twitter as @AstroSamantha.

Via Space and The Mary Sue

Are you impressed withe the Star Trek cosplay? Is it worth it for the astronauts to get good coffee? What would you do without coffee for a year

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  1. That's awesome!

  2. She wins!
    Most astronauts say they were inspired by Star Trek.

  3. It really is amazing Pat. Hooray for Italy!

  4. I'd say most are Alex but I question how many are as dedicated as her.


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