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If The Trailer for DAREDEVIL (2003) Was Honest

We've made no secret about the fact that I love the movie Daredevil, and think it gets a bad rap. But we can also admit it has its problems. That's why we don't mind Screen Junkies taking on the classic superhero punching bag. Witness the bad voice-over, excessive CGI, and crossed-eyed faces of the Man Without Fear. Although for the record, I also like Evanesence.

What did you think of Daredevil's honest trailer?

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  1. Too incompetent to prosecute!
    Two good things about that movie.
    Jennifer and the soundtrack. (Which really kicked butt.)

  2. I liked Daredevil too. I mean maybe it's not as good as later superhero movies but this was 2003 so all they had to go on was X-Men and Spider-Man. Mostly they just had the problem of releasing it at the point when everyone hated Affleck. But he regained respect and he got a wife out of the movie so it all worked out for him, right?


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