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Poll: Should Aging Actors Come Back for Sequels?

Aliens (1986) Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn)
Should aging actors keep coming back for the sequels? We love sequels to 80s classics if the Terminator franchise is any indication. Recently, Michael Biehn confirmed that he's coming back to play 'Cpl.' (Not for long...) Dwayne Hicks in Neill Blomkamp's Aliens (1986) sequel. At almost 60, he's reprising a role that he played when he was 30. With more and more actors returning for sequels decades later, does it make sense for these actors to come back?

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Should actors in the 60s come back to play characters from their 20s? Which actor would you like to see come back for a sequel?
Aliens Minimates - Xenomorph 1

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  1. It depends on the actor. Biehn still looks good enough to play the role. But others have aged too much. Harrison Ford's days of Indiana Jones are long gone.

  2. Yeah it does depend how well-preserved they are. You just have to hope there aren't any nude scenes.

  3. I understand the stance against Ageism, but at some point you have to let some roles go. *Glares at Schwarzenegger*

  4. If it is Michael Biehn, hell yes. Arnold? No. Harrison Ford, hell yes.

  5. Should always come back. If the filmmakers want them, there is no problem. I think Nimoy's presence in the new Star Trek films, for instance, was the one element everyone loved. Seeing characters, and not just actors, age, is a good reflection on the passage of time. Maybe not quite to the extent of Shatner's whole crew sticking around the same ship for decades, but even that was pretty much completely awesome even in their sixth movie together, and even in the seventh, the few who came back "brought a tear to me eye." ("I vas never that young." "No, you were younger.")

  6. I'd say it depends on the storyline and how the aged actor currenly looks (I know that sound material, but we are talking about Hollywood). If the actor's age works well for the sequel, I'd say yes, but if not, well... No offense to Mark Hamil, but he doesn't exactly scream Jedi to me, unless he's lost some weight and seen a dermotologist. However, when Nimoy appeared in the Star Strek remake, his age was an asset to the role. It's all relative.


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