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Geek Twins Podcast Ep 4 - Flash Gordon 2, EARTH TO ECHO, Roye Okupe's EXO, and More

Roye Okupe, Source: YouTube
It's time for another episode of our podcast, which may be getting a name change once we think of it. Geek Twins Talk? Geek Twins Gab?

Anyway, it's another solo one for Nigel, because Maurice was out on location. No, not really. We just couldn't get it together. But Maurice does bring us an interview he recorded with Roye Okupe, creator of the Nigerian superhero comic, EXO. To make up for Maurice's absence, we added more sound effects. Let us know if they're annoying or an improvement.

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Show Notes

  • Earth to Echo
Reader Questions

What did you think of the podcast? Do you have a suggestion for the podcast name? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Like it! Geek Twins Talk! Have a contest to name your Podcast, been digging these... listening in the background.

  2. Jeez, where have I been? I didn't know you guys had a podcast. I'll be giving it a listen later tonight!


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