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Geek Bits: Miles Morales Joins Avengers, Idris Elba in STAR TREK 3 and More

A Chart by Dorkly Grading Mad Scientists From Movies and Television Shows by Their Level of Intelligence and Sanity (via /Film)

I'd love to hear what you think of the Internet's greatest moments in this week's "Geek Bits."

10. 7 Postcards From Fictional Destinations

9. ‘Star Wars’: Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank to Attend Star Wars Celebration 2015 (via Screen Rant)

8. Akira, Redrawn using The Simpsons, Is Incredible (via io9)

7. Awesome short film shows Star Wars from the Empire's perspective (via io9)

6. THE X-FILES Returning for Six-Episode Event Series (via Collider)

5. Star Trek 3 May Have Discovered The Only Way to Get Me to Watch: Cast Idris Elba (via The Mary Sue)

Details are scarce at this point but Variety is reporting he may be taking the villain role for the Justin Lin directed film:
Details of Elba’s role are keeping kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case. Paramount and Skydance had no comment.

4. Miles Morales Joins The All-New, All-Different Avengers? (via Bleeding Cool)
If Miles Morales is joining the Marvel Universe (not just Ultimate) then we're in for some pretty exciting crossovers. Plus, did you notice that three of the heroes are minority and two of the seven are women? Nooice!

3. Jason Clarke Says Terminator: Genisys Packs Some “Truly Amazing Surprises” (via /Film)

2. 'Extra' Hangs with 'The Avengers' on 'Age of Ultron' Set (via /Film)

1. ALIEN NATION Remake In The Works At Fox (via Comic Book Movie)


Star Trek: The Animated Series - "The Lorelei Signal" (01x04) - Not Recommended

Official Synopsis: "While on a mission to investigate a region of space in which starships have been disappearing at the rate of one every 27.346 years, the Enterprise is probed by a signal from the Taurean system — a signal which causes all the men aboard the ship to experience intoxicating visions of beautiful alien women and exotic locales. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and security officer Carver beam down to the second planet in the Taurean system, where the women from their visions greet them. The women give the landing party food and drink, which turn out to be drugged. When Kirk and his officers awaken, they discover that their phasers and communicators have been taken, and that they have been fitted with jeweled metal headbands, which are causing them to age at a highly accelerated rate, rapidly draining away their life energies."
This futuristic retelling of the Odysseus Siren's legend is interesting, but falls flat. It was written by Margaret Armen, who wrote three of the Original Series episodes ("The Gamesters of Triskelion", "The Paradise Syndrome" and "The Cloud Minders") and is meant to be a feminist call to action. It has a theme of female empowerment and had Uhura commanding the Enterprise which is one of only three times a woman commands the starship Enterprise. This, of course, paved the way for other female captains including Janeway on Voyager. It's an interesting episode, but it's not memorable.

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