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THE NIGHTLY SHOW Explains How "Designer Babies" Are "Kinda Hitler-y"

Once again, this week's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore brought its unique perspective to a serious topic, and made it funny. This week, among other things, Larry tackled the "Hitler-y" subject of "designer babies." Will the technology create a new upper class of wealthy genetically perfect children? Or will it allow hipsters to have "organic" babies? Check out his hilarious monologue, courtesy of Hulu.

To watch more from The Nightly Show, be sure to check out Comedy Central.

Do you think genetically engineered babies could be a good thing?

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  1. I saw that. I'm not sure what's so bad about designer babies. It's like genetically modified foods.

  2. Man, that show is really beginning to grow on me. He really gets the point home. Love Dilloway's comment!

  3. Genetically altered anything is bad though. Watch Food, Inc. and that will scare you off genetically altered food.

  4. Interesting. Many diseases could be destroyed this way.

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  6. Yeah I saw that movie; it was called Gattica. I don't remember there being any ethic people in it, but I still rooted for the guy who worked his whole life just to have a chance to die in out space. One of Ethan Hawks best roles...This whole idea is what's wrong with the world we currently live. Look for cures and better treatmets, and leave gentics alone.

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