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Stephen Colbert Explains the Crossguard Lightsaber

Stephen Colbert: (YouTube/Comedy Central)
The new trailer for Star Wars VII threw fans for a loop when we saw a glimpse of a new lightsaber, one with two smaller lightsabers at the base to form a crossguard.

Some people ridiculed the idea, but one fan is defending it: Stephen Colbert, TV show host and self-described ultimate Star Wars fan. On The Colbert Report, he explained why he was a fan of Star Wars before almost anyone else, and why the crossguard makes perfect sense. Check it out on Hulu:

[Via Yahoo]

What do you think of the crossguard lightsaber?

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  1. We'll catch up in two weeks - funny!
    People really have nothing better to do than nitpick...

  2. Too funny! Maybe people shouldn't freak out about it until they see the movie. I heard the crossguard lightsaber controversy well before I even saw the trailer. Sheesh.

  3. I could care less as long as the movie rocks and we all know it will. ;-)


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