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10 Things We Noticed in Netflix's DAREDEVIL Teaser Trailer

After months of teasing, we finally have our first real look at the Netflix series, Marvel's DaredevilDaredevil will be the first of four Marvel TV series on Netflix, leading up to a mini-series, The Defenders, so this is a pretty big deal. We're huge fans of Daredevil (yes, including the Ben Affleck movie version), so we're especially pumped to see this one. Let's watch the teaser trailer.

Let's break it down:

1. The Priest
Since Frank Miller's iconic interpretation of Daredevil, Murdock's Catholicism has always been a big part of the character. It looks like that's going to carry over into the TV series. Much of the trailer is centered around his "confession" to a priest about what he's going to do. Which, we assume, is kick some criminal butt. But how much does the priest now? Does he know the secret identity of Daredevil?

2. The Red Sunglasses
The red sunglasses Murdock wears are a big part of the Daredevil canon, but they actually came from the Daredevil movie. Fans liked them so much that they became a part of the comic book.
And now they're in the TV series. Full circle.

3. The Radar Sense
One of the things we truly loved about the Daredevil movie was its depiction of his radar sense, what they called "Shadow World." It looks like the TV series is doing their own visual interpretation of his radar sense with the hazy edges and wobbly camera. It's considerably less complex, but still kinda cool.

4. Foggy Nelson
Eldon Henson plays Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock's legal partner and best friend. He's got the right look. Looks like he's involved in some serious lawyering.

5. Stick
No, that blind old man isn't an elderly Matt Murdock. That's Stick, Daredevil's trainer and mentor. Stick is named after the stick he carries and uses as a deadly weapon. Blind himself, Stick teaches Murdock that he doesn't need his sight to be a warrior.

6. The Kingpin
This is one of the most exciting moments in the trailer for us. This ominous bald man is Vincent D'Onofrio, playing Wilson Fisk, aka. the Kingpin. The Kingpin is the deadliest villain in the Daredevil canon, his nemesis. D'Onofrio looks awesome, and seems to be really dedicated to the role. He has promised to have fight scenes and is aiming to be the definitive Wilson Fisk, that
"there will be no other Wilson Fisk" after his performance. Considering Michael Clarke Duncan played a career-defining turn as Kingpin in the 2003 movie, that's a tall order.

7. The Costume
This is our first good look at Charlie Cox in Daredevil's costume. At first, we were extremely disappointed to see it's nothing like Daredevil's iconic red horned suit. But then we realized it seems like more like an interpretation of Daredevil first outfit. In the Man Without Fear miniseries, Murdock adopts a simple version of his costume when he began his life of crimefighting, and that seems to be what he wears in this trailer.
Maybe he'll get his more familiar costume later in the series. But this version is certainly grittier and more realistic. But notice the lack of eye holes in the mask. Daredevil doesn't need...eye holes.

8. Karen Page
This is Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page. Page is Murdock's longtime love interest, and will most likely serve the same role in the TV show. In the comics, Page was Murdock's secretary, but it looks like she'll be a client of Murdock's. It looks like she's in a police interrogation room. Maybe. In the comics, her love tended to go back and forth between Murdock and Foggy. Will the love triangle show up on the TV show, too?

9. The Murder
Here we see a woman standing over a man with multiple stab wounds. Who is he? Why was he killed? The knife falling out of the woman's hand seems to indicate she killed him. Who is she? She kind of looks like Karen Page, so that would mean she's a murderer, and maybe she's being defended by Murdock. Looks like quite a case.

10. Matt Murdock
Here's a shot of Murdock waking up. His scarred and beaten body is a good indication that his crimefighting will be allowed to take its toll on him. Hopefully, the series will explore how his constant battles leave their mark on his body and his soul.

The one thing we took from the trailer is that any fears the show might be a cheap knock off are gone. This show has a stellar cast and high production. We're really looking forward to more, and especially for when the show premieres on April 10.  Here's the official description:
"Marvel's Daredevil" is a live action series that follows the journey of attorney Matt Murdock, who in a tragic accident was blinded as a boy but imbued with extraordinary senses. Murdock sets up practice in his old neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, New York where he now fights against injustice as a respected lawyer by day and masked vigilante at night.
[Via Time]

What do you think of Daredevil?

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  1. Oh no, it doesn't look like a chap knockoff. Looks wicked cool.

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  3. I too thought that the black suit was out of the norm, but it could be an evolution like they are doing on Arrow. The shot of Kingpin from the back is still intimidating, and cool.

  4. Have to see if the Marvel ones are as good as Arrow or The Flash.


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