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The Real Origin of Venom and Spiderman's Black Costume

How was the character of Venom created? Spider-Man's archenemy Venom is one of the most popular supervillains in comics, so popular that he eventually got his own comic, and Sony is rumored to be planning a solo movie based on the character. The psychotic doppelganger of Spiderman has been around for decades, and made appearances on the animated series, and Spider-Man 3. While many know the origin of the black symbiote and the evil Eddie Brock who bonds with the symbiote, most probably don't know the stuff behind the scenes that led to the creation of Venom. NerdSync Productions created this fascinating overview of how numerous ideas and controversies came together to form the monster we love to hate.

What do you think of Venom?

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  1. Shmoops. I tried listening to this in the background, but that didn't work out very well. I always wish when someone does a video that they'll just provide the highlights in written form along with the video. So we don't actually have to watch it...

  2. So basically whiny fans created Venom. That Shuler guy probably wishes he'd kept the rights to that black costume.

  3. Wow, I vaguely never kinda wanted to know this information but the video was fascinating. I would have totally written the comic!

  4. Interesting video! The history behind this stuff is cool.


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